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Welcome to the Craigslist House

September 20, 2013

Over a year ago my husband Wilson bought this house. Quaint, isn’t it?

Wilson in Old House

That is him standing proudly in the doorway. The weeds — landscaping — came free with the house. What a deal! As the house was originally built in the 1930s, the earth was taking the house back as its own possession. My mother-in-law thought the chimney was a tree because it was overtaken by ivy and various weeds. It really did look like a tree.

As this house clearly needed some help, we decided to take on this small — cough, enormous —  project ourselves. We hired an architect and contractor of course, but made all of the final design, construction and finishing details decisions between the two of us. And did I mention we’ve never done this before?

The majority of our purchases were made from Craigslist, which included a fabulous claw foot tub and a hearty wooden front door. We also picked up some great fixtures and other finishing elements from Lowe’s.

After a few months of hyperventilating — and heavy consumption of wine — because the house looked like this:



Construction 2

At least we had a bigger trash can?

Construction 3

We finally finished the house. For the most part. After laboring over every detail and figuring how to get the biggest bang for our buck, we moved into the house in October 2012. Did I mention we were recently engaged and my future husband following the Guy’s Guide to Surviving Wedding Planning, while wrapping up construction on this house?

I think we are very lucky, because this is how it turned out:

photo(1) - CopyA sweet little bungalow with so much character, and even more love. And even more blood, sweat and tears. And wine.

This is just a teaser post because there are a myriad of examples of how I used my silver spoon taste to get the look I wanted without spending a fortune. And if you keep reading, I promise I will show you a picture of the fantastic tub.

Also, in case you were wondering, Wilson and I still got married.


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  • Reply Brooke November 19, 2013 at 7:49 pm

    A person once told me if you can build a house together, you will be married forever. I find that very true. I wonder what the saying is, for… if you’re still married to someone after renovating for 5 years (and nowhere close to finished) you will ??? mmmm.
    I say be married for ever plus some. HA

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