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August 26, 2014

Since the porch in our old house was so great — our street was warm and friendly with great sidewalks and lots of foot traffic — I wanted to make sure our Savannah nest offered the same amount of eavesdropping. People-watching is one of my favorite past-times, particularly with a strong cocktail.

Before I get too much into porches, I first want to tell the story of finding our Savannah love nest. If you’ve been reading awhile you’ll know that I got a new job at the end of May and had three weeks to find a new place to live in Savannah. Never one to be deterred by a tight deadline, I turned to my best friend and supplier of all things wonderful, Craigslist. I obviously avoid the personals section. The rental market is slim-pickins’ these days and I searched high and low until I found our gem of an apartment. I clicked on the listing and poured over the gorgeous photos of our apartment and promptly reported to Wilson that I had found our new home.

That weekend we drove down to Savannah to view a few apartments, our present one included. I wasn’t interested in any of them besides our current one, but I wanted to pretend we had options. Our first appointment was cancelled, and then our second appointment was for our current home.

“Ok Anna, don’t go in there and oooo and ahh over everything. I know you want this place but you can’t blow it for us — we have to be able to bargain with them a little,” Wilson instructed as we pulled up to the condo. I scoffed at him as I am always the pinnacle of discretion.

We got out of the car and into my life walked one of the best people I’ve met in a long time. Enter: our current landlord Steve.

Equipped with a bluetooth earpiece and proudly holding a tiny yorkie dog with a hair clip in its hair, Steve’s face was warm and excited as he greeted us on his front stoop. “Hi, I’m Steve, and this is Zoey,” he shook both of our hands vigorously and then grandly gestured to the squirrel of a yorkie who started to violently shake when I tried to pet her head. “She’s not one for strangers, she likes to be held,” Steve informed me. Clearly.

Steve opened the door for us — “It’s a really old door, you have to jiggle it just right” — and then led us up the stairs into the apartment. I had to bite my lip to keep from squealing. But because Steve is amazing and my favorite person, he did all of the squealing for me. “Isn’t it just STUNNING?” he gushed. “All the floors are the original ones from the building — this place is over 200 years old. I redid this whole place two years ago,” he said as he took a little bow. I wanted to hug him. 

In keeping with Wilson’s strict instructions — must not act too excited, must not act too excited — I coolly walked around the apartment, politely nodding to Steve’s colorful commentary. “Anna, come look at these windows. Are they just gorgeous? Floor to ceiling almost. The ceiling’s are 12 feet. One time we had a cocktail party in here with over 50 people that was a doctor theme and everyone wore signs on their backs that said what kind of ailments they ‘had’ — I had the flu! — and my friend who’s a doctor was in town and everyone had to go ask her questions about their sickness until they figured it out! Isn’t that just hilarious?” I had to do everything in my power not to invite him to stay and live with us for forever.

I really was doing a great job at not ruining our bargaining power until I saw the porch.

“Oh. Mah. Gaw,” I exclaimed and interrupted Steve as he was regaling us with a story about the neighbors downstairs and a fight over a lasagna. I sprinted to the porch, leaving Steve, Wilson and Zoey in the dust, and threw open the hand-blown glass doors. “OH MAH GAW!”

I suppose you can say the rest is history.

the view 2

 This porch is everything I wanted and more.

the view

 Everything from our porch was from our old house. We bought nothing new. Woot!

Recognize the coffee table? It’s used to be in our living room.

loveseat view

 The wicker furniture used to be on our front porch. I bought it with from Wilson’s old landlord along with a dining room table and chairs and a outdoor iron dining set all for $500. Booyah. The lantern was a cheap find on Joss & Main for $12.

couch and chair

The striped pillows are from Pottery Barn, the others are from Homegoods that my mother in law found.



porch pot

Steve created these gorgeous planters for us. Remember my front door planters? Steve’s make mine look like crap.

pot upclose

Good stuff.

Wilson and I ate dinner on the porch last night and it was perfect. Steve, I love you!

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