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What to Wear When You Travel: Maxi Skirt Collections

May 28, 2014

After traveling via l’aeroplane this past weekend, I’ve made the executive decision that in order to travel both in style and in comfort, a maxi dress or skirt is a non-negotiable requirement. I wore one on the departure plane ride to my Palm Beach Bach Bash and it was fabulous. What’s not to love about a soft, thin sheath of cotton/polyester loosely — keyword loosely — covering your banging — keyword banging — bod as you flit from one location to another? Positively nothing.

As my friend and I tossed back vodka drink after vodka drink on the plane to our destination, I was delighted at the maximum level of comfort I experienced from my maxi situation. So much so that I decided to pull together a collection of maxi skirts below for $50 or less for my favorite readers — you people. I wouldn’t advise spending more than $50 on a maxi skirt because there are so many cute ones for far less than that, as demonstrated below.


Maxi Skirts = Maximum Comfort



Black & White Chevron / Light Gray Wrap / Tribal Print sold out, similar cute jumpsuit here / Nude Pleated / Black Tribal Print / Floral Print / Bodycon Black & White Stripe

Let’s chat about these beauts.

1. The black and white chevron skirt is bomb. The wide chevron pattern makes it not as busy as other chevrons and also very flattering.

2. Love a wrap skirt — shows some leg without being too revealing.

3. I couldn’t find this damn skirt but did discover this fabulous jumpsuit is equally fashionably flavorful. Yes I did just say fashionably flavorful.

4. I’m way too in to pleats right now. This skirt is so cute and LC designed it. Fun fact: Wilson can sing the theme song to The Hills.

5. SST is going tribal! Here’s hoping it goes viral too.

6. Great floral pattern, would be perfect with a form-fitting black top.

7. This is the perfect skirt for when you are feeling skinny. Or when you want to wear Spanx. I am feeling neither of these things right now.

Next time you travel, don’t forget your maxi skirt. You’ll thank me when you are overserved on a plane and yet still perfectly chic and comfy.

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