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Mother’s Day Gifts Under $65

April 30, 2014

Alright people, we have t-minus 11 days until Mother’s Day, so let’s get serious here. Our mothers have put up with our non-stop shit ridiculousness for our entire lives, so it’s time we pay them back with something LEGIT. Not the usual crap either — no more subscriptions to Good Housekeeping or that Jelly of the Month Club bullshit — you need something fabulous. Spectacular. Something that will demonstrate your undying love for your Mommy in a grand way, just like she’s shown you your entire life. You owe it to her.

Here are a selection of SST-approved gifts to give your dear mother that will surprise and delight her, making her feel especially special. But let’s not forget that Mother’s Day is a full 24 hours — pair this gift with a delicious brunch for your mommy dearest — you don’t have to make it — or a fabulous cocktail hour + apps to really make your madre extra happy. After this Mother’s Day, you are most certainly going to be her favorite child, if you aren’t already.


Mother's Day Gifts Under $65
Mother’s Day Gifts Under $65 by annabjones featuring an acrylic blanket


In conjunction with last week’s choose-your-mother-then-choose-the-gift segment, I’ve created a few more mother prototypes for you to pick from. Remember, choose the one that most closely resembles your mother and then select your favorite of the suggested gifts for that Mamasita prototype. This way, you actually are picking out your gift for your precious Mama. Y’all this isn’t my first rodeo, come on.

For the school mom who runs the PTA meetings, bakes cupcakes for any occasion and cuts the crust off of her kids’ sandwiches: #2, #4 and #10

For the empty-nester mom who is just now remembering how FREAKING AMAZING it is to not live with any kids: #1 and #3

For the crafty mom who makes a new Pinterest DIY home project and recipe every weekend: #4, #9 and #10

For the effortlessly chic mom who pairs her Jimmys with a pair of vintage Levis she found in the flea market: #5, #6 and #7

For the mom who is always there for you, even if you ralphed at 2 PM on the Saturday of your freshmen year college parent’s weekend from being overserved — certainly I’m not alone in this… : #4, #8 and #10

I have three mothers in my life — my bomb-ass real mom, my sister Laurie who always pretended to be my mom (and who is a wonderful mother herself) and my newest mom, my mother-in-law. I am very lucky to have all of these terrific women in my life who care for me, love me and drink with me. I love you very much and Happy (early) Mother’s Day! Snaps for my ladies.

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