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Spring Entertaining: Outdoor Furniture Finds

May 6, 2014

Oh I just LOVE this time of the year. The weather is perfect, it’s sunny all the time and I am finally not as ghostly pale as I was a few months ago. Everyone looks better with St. Tropez. My clothes in the spring and summer are infinitely better too –– I’m sick of stuffing myself into skinny jeans and acting like I’m comfortable.

Anywho, I’m super pumped that it is 80 degrees out and sunny, it just tickles me pink. Tonight I plan on going home, pouring myself a cocktail and sitting outside. I love our front porch — it has the charming, cozy comfort of a quintessential Southern porch with the added benefit of being right next to the sidewalk, providing non-stop social entertainment and eavesdropping opportunities. I come from a long line of Mrs. Kravitz-esDon’t act like you don’t spy on your neighbors too.

Because I’m thinking that others may want to “porch it” as my dad says — pronounced “poach” because of his enviable Georgia drawl — I’ve created an exemplary outdoor haven from which you can draw some inspiration to make your own little slice of heaven. As an added bonus, all of these items are under $185. And you could clean them easily with a pressure washer. I realize this is still expensive but for porch furniture that’s a pretty good deal. Take what you can get people. You can go to Voucher Slug to get voucher codes for Laura Ashley furniture.


SST Outdoor Living -- Under $180

SST Outdoor Living — Under $180 by annabjones featuring a stainless ice bucket


 Notice the Veuve? No party is complete without it. I’m imagining parties at sunset with well-dressed guests clinking their glasses together in celebration of the warm weather and immaculately decorated outdoor space. I’d drink to that.

Also my apologies to my email subscribers, I accidentally posted this without any text and so you received an email in error. I didn’t have my glasses on and I pressed the wrong button… I’ve put in a complaint to my IT department… and they told me to kiss my ass. 

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