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Cheap Distressed Jeans Equals Happiness, Guaranteed

April 1, 2014

My peeps! I’m nothing short of thrilled to share with you my most recent #plasticforkbudget find, the most fabulous distressed jeans for $69. From… drumroll please… Gap. Say wahhhatttt?

Yes, you read correctly. The Gap. And no, you haven’t been transported into a time warp and it’s suddenly 1996 again. It’s still 2014, don’t worry.

Gap is having a renaissance, my friends. Heard it here first, people.


Gap 1969 Real Straight Distressed Jeans


These things are fabulous and only $69 — Gap is currently having 35% off with the promo code SAVE at checkout, too, so… I’m not sayin’ but I’m just sayin… time to get these jeans. 

They look almost identical to these Current/Elliott Distressed Stiletto ones that are all the rage right now and less than half the cost. Jeans are one of the wardrobe staples I normally would recommend splurging on, but don’t you dare spend lots of money on trendy ones like distressed denim. You never know when Anna Wintour is going to snap her fingers and ban all the distressed jeans from the world, and heaven forbid if you are on Anna’s bad side. Pun intended.

A few things to note: I went up a size — I don’t normally do that, you should never give yourself room to grow in your clothes, unless you’re pregnant I suppose — but I wanted to make sure the fit wasn’t too tight. Somewhere in between skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans so that I look amazing. Heh, heh. I also cuffed the ends of the jeans because I don’t love the dark strip at the bottom. The cuff is too cute, too.

When I tried them on a few days ago for Wilson, his response was a stammering “Oh, those look… good…” in which he tried to disguise the inflection in his voice to change it from a question “Those look… good?” to a statement, “Those look… GOOD!” After I told him they were supposed to have holes in them, he felt much better. Neither my mom nor my sister will be thrilled about my distressed jeans, either — “Anna, those have holes, that’s tacky” — but everyone is going to need to get over it because I am determined to look like Heidi Klum. Except in North Carolina. And with a lot less money. And with a lot less kids too, thank goodness.

Another major score from Gap was this jean jacket I purchased also — $69. Booyahhhh. As stated here, I have been on a quest for an excellent jean jacket and was thrilled to find this one.

Gap 1969 Jean Jacket


I’m wearing it now and feel so cool — like the perfect mix of John Bender from The Breakfast Club and Kate MossI consider this a very successful Tuesday. 

And now for my attempt at the quintessential blogger selfie — you know what I’m talking about, the ones they take in a long mirror and look perfectly put together yet completely effortless and unbelievably skinny — I give you the perfect jean jacket made by Gap.



I don’t care who you are, that shit is funny. I can’t decide if this is the end of my blogging career or the beginning.

Also today Target is doing a buy-one-piece-of-clothing, get-the-second-for-50%-off sale using the promo code FOOL at checkout. This is not a joke, peeps.

Happy Tuesday and go get your denim on at the Gap! Everyone needs a good Breakfast Club moment.

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  • Reply Melissa April 1, 2014 at 8:35 pm

    I love the white jeans and denim jacket look! Classic and crisp. Where did the white jeans come from?

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