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Give Yourself a Wedgie — Summer Wedges $80 and Under

April 8, 2014

As stated here, I love wearing heels. I stand up straighter, walk more purposefully and in general channel my inner Beyoncé more accurately while wearing heels. My foot arch also allows me to wear them for longer than others, but after awhile, all heels hurt. What’s a girl to do when you want to look like Beyoncé without having to pop a handful of Advil on the reg? Enter — THE WEDGE.

Wedges are fabulous. I prefer the look of a stiletto to the look of a wedge, but wedges are more comfortable and prolong my ability to prance around in them as opposed to high heels. Hence solidifying their fabulous-ness. Below is a cute collection of wedges under $80. Go ahead, get yo prance on peeps.


Warm Weather Wedges
Warm Weather Wedges by annabjones featuring high heel shoes


All of these heels would make fantastic and moderately prudent additions to your closet if you are in the market for a good wedge — shoes, not salad. With all these smart purchases you are making since taking the advice of SST, you’ll be able to increase your monthly 401K contribution. You’re turning into quite the frugal fashionista. Grammy is proud of you.

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