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Spring Things and Trends x2

March 14, 2014

It’s Friday and all I want is for the weather to be a sultry 80 degrees and to go to a fabulous brunch with my sissy for her birthday. Happy Birthday Laurie! Alas, that is simply not the case. A friend in Philly informed me that it will be in the 20s this weekend, so I really have no room to complain.

Like everyone else I’ve got some serious spring fever. The warmer temperatures are playing a Monica Lewinsky-style game of seduction with me and I don’t like it one bit. Remember when she started designing handbags?!

Anywho here is another selection of my favorite things for spring, a few of which are under $100. Give me a break. I’m a little hungover.


Bitches Be Brunchin'
Bitches Be Brunchin’ by annabjones featuring a flower arrangement


I love all of these things, especially that cute-ass swimsuit. No tan lines and a great print. It will be perfect on me when Wilson and I go boating this summer on his boat that never works. So really it will be perfect on me while I’m being towed in on his boat that never works. Corona Lights all around!

I’ve been lusting after that watch for some time. It has such a cute face. Unlike mine right now. Hello under eye circles, no one invited you to my Friday party. 

This CC cream is wonderful if you are looking for one — it’s SPF 30 and gives my face much-needed color and moisture in the AM. It’s also not too pricey compared to others.

I die for these crepe shorts! I’m fairly certain that my mother had a few similar pairs in the late 80s that were knee-length — she paired them with tights and Christmas sweaters and large gold jewelry. Her hair was so big and fluffy it could’ve qualified for its own zip code. Gotta love the 80s.

In other news, yesterday I was featured on Avelist’s blog as an expert. If I’m an expert, then we are all screwed. If you aren’t familiar with Avelist, it’s a fabulous new website for people to make lists — if you’ve been reading awhile you know my obsession with lists — for entertainment, information or anything really. The site is intuitive and easy to use, and allows me to satiate my OCD with organization so it is a world of fun for me. Even if you aren’t crazy like me you’ll still like it.

And for some more entertainment on this fine Friday — sun is shining, birds are chirping, pollen is beginning to ruin lives — you’ve got to check out these Instagram accounts. Wilson and I spent an hour last night looking at Tibby the Corgi and Esther the Wonder Pig. I feel like my life would be complete with Tibby and Esther as comrades.

AHH!! I want to eat him with a spoon.

AHHHHH! A pig in a bathtub! I’m never eating bacon again.

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