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Must Have Work Pants

August 14, 2013

I despise paying a lot of money for business attire. All work clothes are really expensive, and truly, they are just not my style. I feel stuffy and masculine when I wear them, which does not make me happy.

What does make me happy is when I find something that qualifies as business attire that is both fashionable, and, more importantly, a good price. Which is why you must go to Target right now and get these pants.

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These cropped pants are perfect for work — they are ideal with flats or heels and are an easy transfer from day to night. So if you are like me and look forward to 5PM — truly the happiest hour of the day — you can wear these to drinks after work, too. I also prefer cropped pants over full-length ones because they look more updated and modern. For you shorties out there, make sure to pair with heels so they don’t cut your height off at the ankle.

Did I mention they are $27.99? Check please.

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