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How to Use Your Husband’s Stuff and Make it Pretty — Loft Edition

February 25, 2014

Well, well, well. The time has finally come to debut our newly decorated loft area. I won’t say newly finished because nothing is ever finished in a house — an important lesson I’ve come to understand over the past two years — but the area looks much closer to finished than it did a few months ago. A few months ago it looked much closer to a construction zone. Hard hats were the new fedora in this room.

As the loft area was designated as the “man room” — cue eye roll — I used Wilson’s UNC toys to decorate with, which accomplished two great things: 1) I didn’t have to pay for most of the decor and 2) Hanging/displaying all of this shit stuff made Wilson so incredibly happy it was more than worth my displeasure of looking at all the shit stuff. This room is my best compromise yet as a new wife.

IMG_3230These bar stools were a very creative and special wedding gift for me and Wilson. It is only natural that Rameses stands guard for the Tar Heel brocart.


This console table was a great Craigslist find for $50. Wilson spray painted it black lacquer — can’t wait to show you pictures from that process. He did a great job and the lacquer makes the table stand out much better than its original wood stain. The little footstool pillows from Target are perfectly cozy nestled under the table and were $60 each. They are now on sale for $42, grr.




Wilson loves Butch Davis so much. He cried when he resigned. He also cried when I gave him the football helmet a few pictures back. He’s very in touch with his emotions.


Like I said, sitting on the couch will never be peaceful again.


These Sports Illustrated covers were hand-selected by Mr. UNC himself. I wish I had taken a video of him going through these magazines — as he carefully sifted through each edition, it was like he was greeting an old best friend that he hadn’t seen in 20 years, over and over again. x100. I found the frames at Target for $20 each — Wilson and I agreed that we will never pay for custom framing again for small stuff like this — way cheaper to do it yourself.



Hello my favorite coffee table ever. The table is adorned with basketball coffee table books and a book with duck stamps that belonged to Mr. UNC’s grandfather. Y’all even I’m sentimental sometimes.


This table is part of a pair that Wilson’s cousin Hooper gave us for our wedding. Hooper, of the fabulous Birds of a Feather, had these specially made for us after I saw some like it that she had sold before I could get my paws on them. I love them so much — look at the gold-dipped legs and turquoise pulls! The lamp was a Homegoods find for $50.

I’d like to take a moment and draw everyone’s attention to the picture in the background — Wilson and his bowl cut. If that’s not the cutest/most hilar thing you’ve ever seen, then I don’t know what is. That bowl cut is worth its own blog post. Title — Never Been Kissed: Middle-School-Bowl-Cut Edition.


Well there you have it people. Updated loft area that didn’t break the bank — not even close — and that uses Wilson’s stuff (I didn’t even say shit this time!)

To My Dear Husband: Wilson, I love you. I don’t hate all of your stuff, either. Any time I’m bitchy rude and you don’t like me at that moment, please come look at this room and remember that I did something nice for you that one time.

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    Loved the room and your blog!

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      Thank you love you!!! #1 fan = Mom.

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