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Tarte Beauty Spotlight

February 19, 2014

As promised, I’m very happy to share with you my new — well sort of new — eye makeup I purchased from Tarte to accommodate my unbelievably high maintenance eyes. Just call them Scarlett freakin O’Hara.

Tarte cosmetics are all natural, everything-bad-for-you-free makeup products that stay on your face for forever. I think I actually still have some mascara on from last night even though I washed my face.

Here’s the rundown of what I use and highly recommend if you are looking for some new eye makeup.

Tarte Beauty Spotlight
Tarte Beauty Spotlight by anna-161 featuring tarte

#1. Ooo I love this stuff so much. This waterproof concealer is made from Amazonian clay and is super tacky so it lasts all day long. I am blessed with naturally dark circles under my eyes — I’m pretty — so under eye concealer is a must for me. I only use a teeny tiny dot to apply under both my eyes and it transforms me from looking like I came off a week-long bender to impossibly fresh and perfect looking. $24. As Wilson says, Yakasha!

#2. This eyeliner is the bomb and waterproof also. I have it in green — pardon, “jade” — black and brown. $19.

#3. Tarte’s Lights Camera Flashes mascara is the bomb and is $23. I would love to spend $3 on mascara instead of $23, but chronic styes are no joke and preventing them with nicer makeup is well worth the money. The brush applicator on this mascara is great too — doesn’t clump and slides on realllll nice.

While putting on my eye makeup in the mornings I often wonder how Tarte gets clay from the Amazon into its products. I wouldn’t imagine South Americans love a makeup company stealing the clay from their super long river, so I called Tarte to see Wassup. Here’s how the convo went:

Tarte lady: Thank you for calling Tarte Cosmetics, how may I help you?

Me: Err hayy! Um can you tell me about the Amazonian clay in your products? Like, is it real? You can tell me. I won’t tell anyone. <thinking in my head — I’ll tell all of my 10 readers!!!!>

Tarte lady: Yes, it’s real. We use the powder of the clay and put it in many of our face powders and some of our creamier lotions.

Me: Oh OK. So, but… how do you get it from the Amazon? Do you have to dig it up? Do people mind that?

Tarte lady: What people?

Me: <pause> … Amazon people?

Tarte lady: Oh, <chuckle chuckle>


Tarte lady: No they do not mind. We use a sustainable process to collect the clay that does not harm the environment and harvests the clay for us to use.

Me: Oh OK that’s good.

Tarte lady: <trying to get me off of the phone> If you would like, you can visit our website where we have a great video explaining the whole process. It’s very interesting and I really recommend you watch it.

Me: Oh OK that’s good.

Tarte lady: OK well thanks for calling Tarte!

Me: <WAIT I have more questions like do the animals mind!?>


So the Amazonian thing is totally legit, which I wasn’t expecting but am happy to hear. Watch the video, it is actually pretty interesting.

Also, if you subscribe to Tarte’s email listing you receive 20% off of your first purchase. You know how I feel about unsubscribing currently, but again 20% is 20%. You could always subscribe to the emails, get the promo code and then unsubscribe. I’m not one to judge.

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