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Mixing and Matching Pillows

March 12, 2014

One of my most favorite things to do when sitting in my living room is watch any male squirm uncomfortably because of all the decorative pillows on the furniture. It is the same type of enjoyment I get when watching Wilson freak out whenever he finds any feminine products in our house — it so damn funny and never gets old. He has learned a lot about women since we’ve been married, most of which he did not want to know.

Wilson, for example, has a lot of trouble with the living room pillows. Whenever he walks into the room, he scans the space for a spot to sit sans pillows, and after finding no such place, he gingerly squats on the edge of the couch and attempts to nestle back against them, awkwardly arching his back over the shape of the pillow instead of leaning against it. He’ll adjust, and squirm, and rustle about to achieve his desired level of comfort, but it is to no avail — he just looks like a person at the movie theater sitting in the front row — awkward, upset and about to have a neck ache. After another five minutes of failed adjustments, he’ll curse at the pillow and throw in on the floor. “I hate these pillows!” he’ll spat under his breath, darting his eyes at the pillows’ purchaser. He never thought saying ‘I do’ meant dealing with decorative pillows. And so much more. 

At least Wilson has learned to just throw the pillows on the floor — if we have male guests at our house, they simply endure the discomfort in an effort to be polite and not hurt my feelings because they know 1) I bought them and 2) I write a blog about home stuff so that might be rude. I’m here to tell you, gentlemen in my life and in my living room, you may throw the throw pillows on the floor. They were cheap.

Throw pillows are such an easy and affordable way to change the look of any room and/or piece of furniture. As previously stated, the bane of my existence is that disgusting leather specimen that Wilson refers to as a “really nice couch” in our living room. If you saw where he lived previously and the guests he and his roomies entertained — they called it upscale fraternal living — you’d understand my distaste for this cumbersome piece of shit. But I digress. I bought extremely bright — borderline annoying — aqua and tangerine pillows to cover up enhance the look of the piece of furniture and add some color to the room.


See? You almost can’t see it. Almost.

There are several ways to combine different pillows that coalesce together without being matchy-matchy. Here I’ve taken the color palette in the room and used it on the pillows — aqua and tangerine aren’t quite complementary colors, but close enough. I also mixed different patterns together within the same color family to create an unexpected look that isn’t completely haphazard. The look you want to go for is intentionally diverse, not totally strange.


The tangerine pillow’s pattern is much more subdued so the collection of pillows isn’t too loud.



These pillows are on the bed in a guest bedroom. The blues and greens in the paisley pillow are reflected in the fringe and detail of the front decorative pillows. They go together like me and mimosas at 12PM on Saturdays. Or any days.



These cuties are in the loft. I used only neutral colors to blend together a variety of pillows, each a different size and fluffiness. There are also various textures combined together here, which is another great way to mix in different pillows.



Mixing pillows together is so awesome and you should definitely do it. Because I said so. Don’t you trust a person who watches Real Housewives on the reg?

Happy Wednesday people. Only two more days until the weekend. Lawd help me.

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