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Unsubscribe From Online Shopping

February 7, 2014

One of my biggest crutches is my love of online shopping. I could do it all day e’ryday — from finding the best pillows on One Kings Lane to stealing the perfect top on Shopbop to scoring my booties on Ebay, I am obsessed with shopping the inter webs. Unhealthily so.


In recent months my online shopping rose to uncharted spending territory, and for no good reason. I justified it last year because I was getting married and wanted fantastic new things for the circus that our society refers to as a “wedding,” but since I’m now a kept woman and a lady of leisure — I wish — my internet shopping needed to be quelled. Its constant drain on my funds was getting out of control. My credit card was compromised four times last year, something I highly suspect is due to the onslaught of online user profiles in which my credit card information is saved. Firewalls my ass. Something had to happen. I was beginning to investigate 12 step programs.


To really get serious about controlling my online expenditures and build my financial future — no FINRA licenses here, this is just free advice from your Unfinancial Advisor — I took one small step in curing my addiction and one giant step for me and Wilson’s bank accounts and I unsubscribed. I unsubscribed from the barrage of EXTRA 30% OFF! and NEW SPRING ARRIVALS! and GROUPON CAT SAYS MEOW! emails that I receive daily. I didn’t want to, but I had to. My credit card payments depended on it.


While I have not completely conquered my online shopping habit — this thing is a beast — unsubscribing from promotional emails has majorly reduced my internet spending. I also have a much cleaner and easier to manage Gmail account, which makes me super happy. Something that makes me happy that doesn’t involve consuming alcohol is not to be ignored, ladies and gents.


Unroll.meA great resource to use that has helped me contain my email subscriptions is This is an awesome service that combines all of your email subscriptions into one easy-to-read list. All you have to do is go down the list and uncheck the emails you no longer wish to receive, one by one. Before you know it, your inbox activity will be deader than disco. Travolta style.

One another note, a big shout out to Polyvore for featuring my Kiss Sky High Goodbye heels set on its Brilliant Blogger Sets of the Week — click here to view my big debut. You heard it here first — someone thinks I’m brilliant. I think this calls for Veuve.

some beech with veuve


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  • Reply Lauren February 7, 2014 at 9:38 pm

    Ugh, I sooooooo need to unsubscribe. They are the death of me! Well, that and eBay. Oh, and thrift stores. :}

    • Reply Anna February 10, 2014 at 12:35 pm

      I feel your pain! It really is an addiction…

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