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February 11, 2014

I love all things Kelly Wearstler. She has such a keen eye for design and is able to construct awe-inspiring spaces that are perfectly curated without being overly decorated. She mixes old and new to create post-modern wonderlands — they remind me of a millennial version of Through the Looking Glass. She’s just so good.

Kellywearstler.com -- manhattan apartment living room

Kellywearstler.com -- cameron_apartment_05

Leaf sconces?! Y’all this woman is brilliant.

Kellywearstler.com -- manhattan apartment living room 2

I love the black fireplace and gold screen. Every room needs some chinoiserie.

KellyWearstler.com -- spring_st_residence_03

 I wonder if I should contact Kelly and tell her my idea about the brocart. The brocart could go viral, people.

KellyWearstler.com -- spring_st_residence_01

KellyWearstler.com -- jay_street_residence_02

So many textures and angles yet everything is so cohesive. I die for this room.

KellyWearstler.com -- jay_street_residence_04

KellyWearstler.com -- jay_street_residence_05


KellyWearstler.com -- jay_street_residence_06


KellyWearstler.com -- jay_street_residence_07

KellyWearstler.com -- jay_street_residence_08

I’m dead. Look at these floors…

If these photos aren’t enough to inspire you on this fine Tuesday, I don’t know what will. To view more of Kelly’s amazing work, click here.

It is dumping snow on my lovely homestead currently, which is providing a peaceful and quiet backdrop for my day ahead. It also means that fellow Southerners are losing all sense of rationality and are driving like maniacs. Take advice from SST — stay indoors, curl up by the fire and pour a hot toddy. Cue Ole Miss fight song.

Photo Credit: www.kellywearstler.com, www.kellywearstler.com/Kelly-Wearstler-Interiors

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