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Why I Despise Pantone’s Radiant Orchid

February 6, 2014

I am very upset with Pantone’s color choice of the year for 2014 — Radiant Orchid. Pantone people, if you are reading —which I highly doubt and gives me the courage to write this — let me count the reasons why this was a truly terrible choice and you should’ve consulted Silver Spoon Taste first. -- Pantone Color of the Year

It looks fine and innocent here, but don’t be deceived. They are using pretty flowers to fool you.

First of all, the name is so stupid. It’s just the worst. I love orchids — they live all over my house until I accidentally kill them — and some of my most favorite orchids are the beautiful blend of fuchsia and pink shown above. But, to name a color “radiant” after a flower that is extremely beautiful but very rarely “radiant” because they are so fragile and difficult to keep alive is just silly. Stop making everyone feel bad that their orchids look like hell more often than they do radiant.

Second of all, this is an excellent accent color, but not to be used as the main headliner. The Pantone color of the year should be one that can hold any role — gracing the walls of your vanity bathroom, catching compliments as the fabric on a pair of chairs, and popping as a stylish cocktail ring for your next date night. It has to wear many hats seamlessly and successfully. Sorry people — Radiant Orchid cannot handle all of those jobs. Its resume says things like Maintains style as a skinny belt color and Creates interest as a statement pillow, not Blows minds as a couch and Generates drama as a effortless evening gown. Radiant orchid is not cut out for that much work.

Last but not least, this color is not timeless. I understand that Pantone had to pick something, but the color choice needs to be one that will always be in style, like last year’s winner, Emerald. Emerald is a fantastic color and while it may ebb and flow as the “it girl,” it is always an excellent option to turn to at any time. I’m still holding on to Emerald. See photo montage below. -- Duchess Kate

… There are no words besides Kate, I love you. -- Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore perfectly accents her black stunner with emerald drop earrings. I also love Julianne and she’s BFFs with Tom Ford — I think the three of us could make a dynamite bestie team. -- J Lo

Jenny from the Block shows us that emerald pants are stylish and fierce. You go girl. -- Angie

I’m still Team Jennifer after all these years so I feel slightly traitorous posting a pic of Angie on SST, but she does emerald so well. These earrings go perfectly with her dress and since Brad goes with everything, she nailed it.

An important thing to remember is that Pantone is not Anna Wintour. Pantone does not dictate the world of fashion and really the world in general like Anna does. Wintour, not Jones. Do what you want, be original, and screw Radiant Orchid.

Photo Credit: Rachel Zoe I love you!,,,

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