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How to Speak Southern

Creatively Speaking

August 17, 2017

Wilson staged an intervention with me this past Friday night.

It wasn’t a traditional intervention. He didn’t question my drinking, he didn’t question my behavior, he questioned my choices — or choice, rather, to abandon Silver Spoon Taste for the last five months. It all started in an Uber that we took home after a fun-and-wine filled evening with some of my absolutely favorite people, and it went a little like this:

Wilson: Anna, you’ve got to start writing on SST again.

Me: Huh?

Wilson: You haven’t written a post in months, and people feel like they were abandoned by you.

Me: What on earth are you talking about?

Me thinking: How much did he have to drink? 

Wilson: The blog! You haven’t written the blog in forever! You worked so hard to build it and then you just gave it up. You used to love writing it, and people loved reading it. Anna you’ve got to start writing it again.

Me thinking: Definitely had too much to drink. Perhaps it was that transfusion. Or was it transfusions? Never trust a purple drink. 

Wilson continued: When we lived in Charlotte you were so proud of it. You worked on it every day. You were building a brand. SST got you your job! And you’ve just abandoned it.

Me thinking: When we get home I’ll make sure he drinks plenty of water. He’s going to have a headache tomorrow. 

Wilson again: Anna you’ve got to stop making excuses about being busy and just do it. You can’t expect things to happen for you if you don’t put yourself out there.

Me thinking: Well damn. 

Over three years ago Wilson and I picked up our Pleasantville life in Charlotte and moved to the strangest, weirdest, and most wonderful place I’ve ever lived, Savannah, Georgia. I had no idea what was in store for us. And now, three years later, our life does look quite different — a new angel dog, house and friends — and I’m so grateful for all of it. It’s been the best adventure and then some. But Wilson’s right — the one thing that got me here, that gave me all this, I’ve quite literally given up.

My bad.

Real talk here — my job takes up almost all of my creativity. I’m like a sponge after you squeeze all the water out — dry and hole-y. Often times the last thing I want to do when I get home at night is open my laptop again. Hell, it’s all I can do some days to not throw my laptop out the window because I’m so sick of looking at it. Certainly I can’t be alone in this feeling? And it’s more than being busy — I just don’t have enough creativity to go around I suppose. But Wilson’s right — yes Wilson I said it — that is a big fat excuse.

My bad!

It’s not just my job though — I think I also found an identity with SST. The more momentum the blog gained, the more confidence I gained, and the more I could see a real future for my professional self. I’ll be a blogger! I’ll be a writer! It’ll be so fabulous! But when I moved to Savannah, the more I felt that blogging was a bit artificial — a very one-dimensional representation of life that didn’t always feel quite authentic despite my best efforts. Turns out keepin’ it real is, like, hard? And herein lies my message — why should I find identity in a blog instead of taking some time to get to know myself? Not Anna the blogger, not Anna the writer, just Anna. She sounds interesting, I think. 

I found this quote the other day and sent it to my friend Helen — who has a magnificent blog, by the way, read it here.

It’s kind of rebellious to be yourself. – Kate Moss

Ah, to be uniquely you. But what does that even mean? I think it starts with knowing your self-worth. To know your own value is something that no one can ever take away from you. I recognize I have a myriad of shortcomings, but I am starting to acknowledge that self-worth is much more than just your day-to-day actions — it’s knowing and appreciating yourself at your best, and at your worst, and trusting that your moral compass will lead you back to your true north when you may stray. Like today when I wanted to flick off the guy who cut me off in the parking lot. But decided not to. See? True north. 

But back to SST. I think a blog is a wonderful vessel to tell a story — but I need to keep it at that.

Now I know I didn’t do some sort of strange giveaway — seriously what the hell — nor did I tell you a story about white pants or describe how I almost fought a lady over a coffee table, but I did tell you the truth.

I’m not following the 12-step program, but I did just admit that I have a problem. And now I’m apologizing for it. I hope you’ll accept it. 

How to Speak Southern

Stream Your Workout Anywhere With Hilliard Studio Method

March 31, 2017

Happy Friday! Is it bad that I feel like I deserve a medal for making it to the end of the week sometimes? Even though millions of others achieve the same feat week after week, I still feel like I should win a prize of some sort. Maybe we all should. Fridays for the win just took on a whole new meaning.

Today is Wilson’s birthday — he turns 31 on the 31st. Happy birthday boo! When I told him that it was his golden birthday, he asked what that was. Cue eye roll. He enjoyed a boys’ night out last night and had a large time. Here’s the evidence of said big time that I found in the fridge this morning:

He took care to refrigerate the empty bags of pretzel and pita chips after destroying them. He is nothing if not considerate. 

Anywho, down to business.

Because I live in Savannah, but work in Bluffton, South Carolina, I’ve got a bit of a commute every day. It’s really not terrible, ranging anywhere from 35 to 50 minutes on any given day, but it does deplete a valuable chunk of my personal time. I need a personal driver. So when it comes to working out, I have to do it in the morning, or else it’s just not going to happen. Nothing gets in the way of my happy hour.

Exercising is important to me — not only do I like to stay in shape because I’m vain AF, I also love the way it clears my head. I try to incorporate a bunch of different types of exercise into my routine — yoga, circuit training, pilates, barre, etc. — because I get easily bored. Except running — never running. But the one exercise I always come back to is Hilliard Studio Method. Owned by mother-daughter duo Liz Hilliard and Clary Hilliard Gray, not only is HSM a small business that I can get behind, they literally kick my butt every single time I do one of their workouts. I’m sore just thinking about it. 

When I lived in Charlotte, I attended  classes at Hilliard Studio Method every so often, but it wasn’t until the I moved to Savannah that I really became addicted to HSM. The long distance movers dallas team that I hired couldn’t stop talking about HSM and how it benefited them — So, I downloaded several HSM videos and started doing them in the morning before work almost every day. Living room workouts are very convenient.  In fact, I’ve spent so much time with Liz and Clary that they don’t know about, it’s bordering on creepy. I’m the third family member they never knew they had nor wanted. 

My morning crew — Clary, Liz and Birdie.

But the Hilliard gals have now done me one better — they recently launched a new streaming subscription service that gives you access to all of their videos (ranging from 5 minutes to over an hour long) to stream online anytime, anywhere, with new videos added each month. I immediately signed up for the service once it became available, and I am obsessed. I usually do a combination of three to four videos, choosing videos that work different areas of the body for a full-body roast. And, by the way, this post is not sponsored whatsoever — I am just a really big fan. But the HSM gals did give me a promo code to share with you to try out the streaming platform. Use the code SILVER and receive 50% off your first month of the subscription. You already get to try out the service for free for two weeks, so this discount will be applied to your first full month of streaming after the free two-week trial. See more about pricing here.

You can take these workouts with you anywhere and become just as obsessed with HSM as I am. It’s even Birdie approved.

Speaking of exercising, check out my dear friend Helen’s new blog Chasing Helen. She’s a fitness freak with own best personal trainer in LA (truly) and motivates me and many others unlike anyone I have ever known. The blog is fabulous and so is she. Read it here.

Ok that’s all for today. Can I get my Friday prize in the form of a cosmopolitan please? No seriously. Chop chop. 

How to Speak Southern

Well Hello There

January 18, 2017

Wilson told me that if I didn’t post on the blog this week that he was going to take it over full-time. I told him that was fine with me and that he’d do a better job than I would anyway.

He bugged me about it some more, threatening a total blog takeover, and I kept brushing him off. But then I started to think about what a Wilson-led SST would look like. Blog posts would likely meander from interior design and fashion ramblings to the multi-faceted advantages of power tools and gas-powered yard blowers. He’d chat about the many ways you can wear camouflage and the health benefits of Natural Light. He’d give weekly tips on how to improve your common sense — “common sense just isn’t that common anymore” — and his Investment Piece of the Month would be a new piece of hunting gear. I fear we have half of Cabelas’ fall inventory in our attic. 

Quite frankly I think he’d make a great blog writer, but his audience isn’t my audience so I figure I’ll spare you and start this thing up again before Wilson does.

So hello! How are you? How have all three of you been?

I’ve been busy. Aren’t we all? And I’ve been lazy too — let’s call a spade a spade. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking of you — because I have, and daily. ‘What are my SST readers drinking today?’

I’d like to think this year my New Year’s Resolution will be to start up SST again, but I don’t have that much faith in myself so I”m not going to make that type of promise.

Instead, what I will promise is to deliver a little bit of periodic entertainment here and there. And plenty of recommendations for how to properly indulge in happy hour. 

So here’s what I’ve been up to of late. Apologies in advance as these are mostly crappy cell phone pictures.


My model dog. Look at that beauty. Our obsession with this dog has reached new heights. I didn’t think it was possible, but alas, ’tis. She runs the Jones household.


Oh yes, remember when there was that hurricane last October? Thanks to Hurricane Matthew, we evacuated to Charlotte for four days and Birdie jumped in my seat when we fled Savannah at 5 a.m. As a landlocked Charlottean (no Lake Norman does not count) I’ve never experienced the drama and stress that is evacuating from a hurricane. Savannah hadn’t had a hurricane in nearly 20 years, but the moment Wilson and I move here, buy a house, and spend the summer renovating it — boom. Hurricane Matthew hits. We were extremely extremely lucky and had no damage to our little row home.


This tiny girl was so concerned about the Aunt Annie, Uncle Wilsie, and the “hurry-cane.” She dressed the part to ward off the impending storm in her matching rain boots and umbrella. Such a style icon. 


Later that month Birdie dressed up for Halloween. She hated every moment of this and kept it on for no longer than six minutes. Wilson is dangling a treat behind me so we could capture this moment. I’ve put it in her baby book — Baby’s Second Halloween. 


My in laws took the whole family to Hawaii for Thanksgiving. It was an incredibly beautiful place — the blues were bluer, the greens were greener, and the sunsets were spectacular.


We went on a helicopter ride around one of the islands and it was unbelievable. Easily one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. I was so scared when we took off that I held on to Wilson’s arm and gave him bruises. All together now — Poor Wilson.


I believe this was around the time of the bruise infliction.


Gigantic sea cliffs. Flying over these gave me a slight sense of vertigo because they were so steep and the drop from land to sea was so drastic — but the view was just breathtaking.



Look at all the waterfalls!



Hey boo. 


Just a casual rooster at one of the secluded beaches we visited. He wasn’t interested in me at all.


Family hike to the hidden beach. That’s Wilson balancing the cooler on his shoulder. Atta boy.


Our house at Christmas. Those wreathes died within a few days of purchasing them thanks to the Savannah heat. Nothing says Christmas like a balmy 80 degrees.


We spent Christmas with my family this year, and this was Christmas Eve. My nieces dressed Wilson up and called him King. He liked that title very much and has requested that I refer to him as such since then. I’ll let you imagine what I said to that. 


King and his bourbon, his magic elixir.



Family on Christmas. Look at that sweet Christmas dog.


The fattest, cutest Christmas tree ever.


Wilson has been busy training dear Birdie for duck hunting season. I have no idea why Wilson wants her to be his accomplice in his duck murder, but she looks pretty adorable in this little get-up. I’ve got no clue what this is for.


This also went in her baby book — Baby’s First Duck Hunt. So proud. 

So that’s generally what I’ve been up to. Next up — showing you around the house. Things are coming along nicely, but progress is a little slow. Between not being able to make a decision and staying within my plastic fork budget, I predict our row home will be completed in 2030. Going to be a great year. 


How to Speak Southern

Athens, Greece

September 20, 2016

After Wilson was able to book a Greek getaway at as a surprise for me (and even wait 2 weeks to tell me), Wilson and I returned from our Grecian holiday a little over a week ago, and wow what a trip it was. 10 days of bliss in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Truly, if you have the opportunity to go to Greece, go. Now.

Looking back, it’s hard to believe a place as gorgeous as Greece even exists.

Because I received a lot of questions about our itinerary from our trip to Spain last year, I’ll try to do a better job at describing our itinerary from Greece as well as our accommodations and activities so you’ll be more in the know. And so that one day when I’m old I can go back and read this and remember. 

Our trip began with a quick overnight stay in Athens. I received a lot of feedback about Athens from people who had visited — that it was a big, dirty city, to not stay there for very long, that I most likely wouldn’t be very impressed by it — and I can understand why. But for me, I love two things: 1) a big city and 2) history, so I actually loved Athens. We only stayed there for one night, but I could have easily stayed for another because I loved the history of the city so much. But if you are not high on history or busy cities, one night in Athens will be more than enough for you.

We stayed at the New Hotel, which was wonderful — centrally located, reasonably priced, and beautifully decorated. The room was small, but clean and the bed was super comfortable. Highly recommend. The hotel also has a rooftop restaurant with a view of the Acropolis that is perfect for drinks before dinner.

We flew straight into Athens, landed in the morning and then checked into our hotel for a quick nap before our afternoon tour of the city. Personally I was super jet lagged and groggy, but after an espresso or three I was back in no time. The miracles of concentrated doses of caffeine. 

Our private walking tour of Athens (booked through our travel agent) went through the Plaka, the oldest part of Athens with narrow streets and beautiful row homes, and climbed higher and higher until we reached the Acropolis. Again, because I love history, this was one of the parts of the trip that I was looking forward to most, and it certainly did not disappoint. After all, how could one of the oldest and most sought after destinations in the world let you down?


Our climb to the Acropolis through the Plaka.


The view from halfway up to the Acropolis.


Finally at the top.



So handsome.


I tried to focus on looking up as opposed to down…


The Parthenon in all her glory. I absolutely loved this… History nerd.


Our travel buddies.







There were amazing homes right next to the Acropolis — can you imagine looking out of your window and seeing the Parthenon every day? — and these were the gates to one of the home’s side garden.


This is the Acropolis Museum, dedicated to all things Acropolis and where a large amount of actual remaining pieces of the Acropolis are safely stored. I highly recommend a quick jaunt around — you’ll see some interesting pieces of the Acropolis that are protected from the elements in here and the museum also has a great cafe that is perfect for a quick cup of coffee (or drink) if you need a resting spot that includes AC. The museum’s restaurant also has a large outdoor area that apparently can get quite happening on weekends.



Some bros inside the museum. At this point I was taking a seat on the ledge near the windows to rest and my travel partners were weary of my picture taking so I took one of some strangers. Hello tank-top-clad strangers. 


Two more bros with the Acropolis in the background.


red dress

That evening we went to Dionysus for dinner, which was just so lovely. Food was delicious and the view was bar-none — we had a panoramic view of the Acropolis, which is elegantly lit at night. The Greeks know how to do it right.

After Athens, we went to Naxos, part of the Greek isles, and then Santorini, which needs no definition at all. More to come…

How to Speak Southern

Mother’s Day Gifts for Under $100

May 3, 2016

This Sunday is a revered day on the holiday calendar — Mother’s Day. We should all tell our mothers every day how special they are to us (love you Mom!) but this day is particularly special so you have to do it up right for your forever #number1fan.

Here’s an array of items and prices to choose from to make sure your mum feels uber loved.


Mother's Day Gifts for Under $100



one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine

Also, number 1, 3 and 9 are all an extra 25% off  with the code GETSHOPPING. So what are you waiting for? Time to tell Ma just how fabulous she is.

Happy Tuesday!

How to Speak Southern

Easy Recipe: Parmesan Lemon Asparagus

April 14, 2016

This recipe is so easy I feel almost embarrassed sharing this, but I’m always surprised at the things that I share that resonate with people, so I figure I’ll put this out anyways. Parmesan Lemon Asparagus is a super easy mid-week side that you can whip up in a hurry and still feel fancy when you eat it. I’m all about some mid-week fanciness. With spring finally here and in full bloom, you can get fresh asparagus just about anywhere, too.

Parmesan Lemon Asparagus

1 bunch of fresh asparagus, washed and with the ends popped off

1 T of olive oil

1 tsp of kosher salt

1 tsp of freshly ground black pepper

1 whole fresh lemon — halve the lemon and remove the seeds, setting one half aside; slice the other half into four slices

4 T of grated Parmesan (none of the fake stuff please)


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Wash the bunch of asparagus and pop the ends off (very important, the ends of asparagus are gross and tough). Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and arrange on the foil.

asparagus 1

 Add the olive oil, salt, pepper, and Parmesan and toss to coat. Spread the asparagus in an even layer.


asparagus 2

Squeeze reserved half of the lemon over the asparagus, and then arrange the four lemon slices on top. Pop in the oven and cook for about 18 to 20 minutes, or until the ends of the asparagus are slightly browned.

asparagus 3

Remove from the oven and serve immediately. Enjoy!

finished product

Pairs very well with a bottle glass of Malbec.

How to Speak Southern

Let’s Catch Up

March 23, 2016

So it’s been a few weeks, hasn’t it? SST had some technical issues, and since I don’t know shit about the interworkings of the interweb things took awhile. My bad.

But we’re back now, everything’s good, and SST shouldn’t crash again anytime soon. Hopefully. 

Since it’s been a hot minute since we last spoke, I figured now is a good time to catch you up on my life. While I realize there are approximately five readers now that I’ve been offline for four weeks and hardly post anyways, just humor me. Yes Mom I’m talking to you. 

2016 has been a very kind year to the Jones family. Wilson and I have grown accustomed to Savannah, and have become quite fond of her quirks and idiosyncrasies. Because she does have many. 

This is my current situation, which has become another custom in our household (apologies for the crappy cell phone pics):

birdie in bed

Mother-daughter bonding time at its finest. As if Wilson and I weren’t already obsessed with this dog, our infatuation has taken on a new level of unhealthiness of late. Birdie is just a hop, skip and a week away from sleeping in our bed with her own Tempur-Pedic pillow.

half marathon

Wilson ran a 10k race recently and scored a personal record — he’s very speedy.

three of them

We also received a visit from my two most favorite people ever — my nieces. Here they are grilling Uncle Wilsie about the facts of life.


The funny thing about little people is that they rarely stop moving for a photo, and I often wonder how Anne Geddes got those babies to sit still for all of her photos, let alone wear flowers on their heads.

the edition

I went on an impromptu trip to Miami with some gal pals and we stayed at The Edition, which was uber swanky. This was one of the outdoor restaurants, which was entangled in a beautiful mess of bougainvillea.

la piagga2

This was taken on a leisurely afternoon at La Piaggia, which was a wonderful restaurant filled with chic people getting their Sunday Funday on. They were very serious about this activity. 


I visited my Mom and Grandmother in Orange Beach, Alabama — yes Alabama has a beach, and a beautiful one at that — and this was one of the sunsets.


Wilson and I have taken up a new hobby — drinking homemade margaritas. Recipe to come soon.

savannah morning

Birdie and I went on a sunrise tour of Savannah a few weeks ago and were very impressed with what we saw.

hi fans

Birdie would like to let all of her fans know that she misses them and is going to make me post pictures of her more often.

Happy Wednesday!

How to Speak Southern

A Great Hostess Gift — Soberdough

February 2, 2016

This past weekend I did some pantry cleaning, which mostly means that I rummaged around in our tightly packed pantry, rearranged some boxes of crackers and bags of sugar, and threw away some old food. Our pantry was host to a slew of food neither Wilson nor I ever planned on actually eating, but just kept around in the event of a nuclear fall out. Like the can of chicken and rice soup Wilson and I have owned since before we were married. Never once were we actually going to pull out that can of soup and say, yes, I cannot wait to eat this for dinner! I’ve been craving this all day! No. Instead, we keep things like this particular can of soup because it seems like an adult thing to do, like using real dish towels and washing your wine glasses by hand. The end result of said pantry cleaning was achieving about three more square inches of storage and stacking things neatly on top of one another with their labels towards the front. Hello I’m  OCD and would be an excellent grocery store stock gal. 

Anywho, upon venturing into the back depths of the pantry — does this scare anyone else? like something could be living back there that’s going to grab my hand? — I discovered this little bag of goodness:



Behold this bag of Soberdough, the easiest, most delicious beer bread that comes in a bag. And it’s only $7.95. I received this as a thank you gift a few months ago and saved it for a time when I’d entertain. Seeing as I’m a shitty hostess and hardly ever entertain, this bag sat at the back of my pantry for months until last Sunday. This bread mix was also given with a neat little box mix for sea salt biscuits, but I read those directions and it involved a rolling pin so I decided I’d wait to make that when I actually own a rolling pin. I looked at the directions for this mix and there were only three, none of which involved a rolling pin or any kneading. Now we’re talking. 

Upon further investigation I discovered Soberdough is an awesome small biz started by an entrepreneurial mother-son duo. The bag comes with all of the dry ingredients needed to make the dough — all you have to add is a full bottle of beer to the mix, combine with your hands, and then scoop the dough into a baking pan. Bake that puppy at 375 degrees for 45 minutes and out comes the perfect loaf of delicious bread. I had the Rosemary mix, which was magnificent, especially when warm.

Wilson and I nibbled on this for a few days until Wilson decided he was “no-carb” for the rest of the week so I brought it in to work for my coworkers to enjoy (no I’m not normally that nice) and they gobbled it up too.

All in all, this bread mix is a huge hit and I’d highly recommend as a hostess gift, birthday gift, or if you just want some bread for yourself dammit, buy Soberdough. You won’t regret it.

How to Speak Southern

A Bad Case of the Why Mes

November 11, 2015

Last week I had a shitty week. A shit-tay, shit-tay week indeed.

First of all, I was as sick as I’ve have been in a long time. Besides the time I had the swine flu (remember the swine flu!?!) this is the worst I’ve ever felt. Achy AF, sore throat, nasty cough, runny nose, the works. I was a real peach. And as a sudden sickness usually does, this one came on at the worst possible time. Not only did it ruin a perfectly good trip to NYC, but this is the busiest time of the year at my job, and I really did not have time to be sick. But sick I was.

And then they came — the dreaded, awful, WHY MEs!?

Why did I have to get sick now when I have a mountain of work? Why did my trip have to be ruined? Why did I get a parking ticket and a flat tire at the same time? Why did I have to feel THIS bad? WHY ME?

I threw myself a pity party of epic proportion. Everyone was invited. No one showed up but Birdie. 

I spent nearly a week in bed feeling sorry for myself. Every time I coughed my disgusting cough, I moaned. Every time I sneezed, I whimpered. I even started to tear up at the doctor’s office when they took blood because I thought I may faint. I was a sorry sonofabitch.

After taking another swig of my almost-lethal cough medicine one night — this stuff was so strong you could smell it from a mile away — I tucked myself back into bed and began to think. Thinking is a powerful thing. I barked another gross cough and recalled a story I think of from time to time.

When I was in high school, a friend of mine had a little sister who was diagnosed with cancer. She was 13 when diagnosed. The cancer spread throughout her tiny body so quickly and so aggressively that even the strongest of chemotherapy couldn’t quell her cancer, and she died. It was terribly, horribly, painfully sad. Still is. I can’t even imagine the pain the family went through. The looks on their faces at the funeral was something I will never forget. But before she passed away, she was a part of the Make a Wish program, and her wish was to raise enough money so that all the other Make a Wish kids’ wishes in the Charlotte area would be granted.

Let’s pause on this for a second.

A child with cancer wanted all the other children with cancer to have their wishes granted. That would make her happy. Her heart was so full and so grateful that she wanted to share her love with others, making their hearts full too. She used her situation to benefit others, and the impact she had was powerful. Giving without abandon, without thought of yourself — that is the true meaning of selflessness. If given the chance to do anything in the world, would you make that same choice? Would you choose giving to others over meeting your favorite celebrity, or going to Disneyworld, or taking a once in a lifetime trip? I cannot honestly say I would. But this little girl did. She made the choice to think big and love big, and never once did she say, Why me?

Whenever I’m feeling particularly sorry for myself, I often think of this little girl. And she gives me something too — Perspective. Perspective and I have been speaking different languages for a few days now.

I share this story with you in the event you have a case of the Why Mes. It’s only human for us to feel sorry for ourselves from time to time, but it’s how we rise above these feelings that makes the difference.

After thinking about this little girl, I then made a list of 10 things I’m grateful for. This is something my sister says she does sometimes to re-calibrate her thinking and to realize just how lucky she is. Here’s what I came up with:

  1. My roomies, Wilson & Birdie
  2. My family
  3. My friends, near and far
  4. Ear plugs
  5. My health
  6. Trashy reality TV
  7. Living in the USA
  8. The pumpkin bread my mom made me
  9. My job
  10. Good chapstick

Obviously not all of these are as serious as others, and they aren’t necessarily in order (sometimes ear plugs are first, quite frankly) but these were things I was grateful for a that moment. And then my old friend returned — Gratitude. Good to see you ol’ chap. 

Life is unexpected, and changing, and, at times, challenging. But my little slice turns out to be quite sweet, running nose and disgusting cough included. And on this Veteran’s Day, I’d like to add one more thing I’m very, very grateful for — the service men and women who have made and continue to make the ultimate sacrifice so that I can have those 10 things for which I’m grateful. Thank you. Home of the free, because of the brave. 

Make your list of 10 things. You’ll probably realize you have many more than just 10.

How to Speak Southern


August 27, 2015

If you follow me on Instagram, then you are already well versed in the monumental life news that Wilson and I got a dog last month. Her name is Ladybird Jones of Habersham, she goes by Birdie, and she is the best dog I have ever known. She has my coloring and Wilson’s big head, which we hope she will grow in to. She has an affinity for eating and enjoys eating sticks in particular. She likes carrying magnolia leaves in her mouth while we walk, and running and jumping on anyone with white pants (sorry lady in the square last night!). I can’t wait to get her little dog boots for hiking! It seems she shares Wilson’s fondness for white pantsLike father like daughter. There are times though when I cant walk her so I have hired someone from Buckhead Paws to walk her for me. 


Taking her home for the first time. She immediately fell asleep with her head on my shoulder and I decided that I liked her quite a bit.

birdie in basket

 We took her on a bike ride a few weekends ago and she enjoyed it for the most part I believe. She fit perfectly in the basket and therefore I didn’t care if she enjoyed the bike ride or not — I made her do it anyway. Builds character. 


 Like any baby, she likes to be held as such. And I am more than happy to oblige.


This was the other morning at 4:15AM when she decided to bark very loudly. I was so mad at her until I looked in the mirror at the bottom of our stairs and realized she was clutching to me like a real human child. I think she actually is a real human child in a dog costume.

sleepy bear

 Too sleepy to open her eyes for the picture.

not lady like

 We are working on what it means to be a Southern lady. She has a very liberal interpretation.

no pictures

 No pictures, please.


 Yes we hold the dog all the time.


One afternoon Birdie Facetimed me when I was on my way home from work stuck in traffic. She was wondering where the hell I was. She has a very strict eating schedule. FEED ME DAMMIT. I’M SO HUNGRY.

birdie at party



little face

We told her dogs were supposed to ride in the back of the car. She wasn’t sure what we meant.

me and birdie on the boat smiling

 Birdie’s first boat ride this past weekend.

on the boat

 She thoroughly enjoyed it.

water bowl

So much so that she fell asleep in her water bowl.


My lovey.

Last night I was so angry with her — Wilson was out of town and therefore I was on solo Birdie-duty and she was so bad. The worst. She peed on me, peed on a rug, ripped a hole in my dress, and carried around a dirty Q-Tip in her mouth that she found in (hopefully) our trash can. I almost threw up. Still might.

But this morning it was like she knew what an asshole she had been and decided to make it up to me by being the cutest, sweetest, most loving puppy ever. She got in my lap when I woke her up this morning and licked the entire side of my face in one swoop. She circled around my legs and sat at my feet while I put on my makeup. She trotted after me while I walked back and forth from the bathroom to the bedroom while getting ready, patiently sitting on her haunches while I picked out what to wear. She recommended the white dress, which is what I chose, obviously. It’s that type of devoted, unrequited love that makes dogs so special. They love without abandon, try to please you to the best of their ability, and give the messiest, grossest, and most loving kisses ever. I’ve fairly certain Birdie has eaten half of my foundation and bronzer after licking my face so much. 

I’d like to apologize in advance for the obnoxious amount of photos that I will most likely post here on SST and on Instagram, but she’s just so damn cute and sweet and I love her. I hope you do too.