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Patagonia Sale

October 1, 2015

Grab those credit cards and get online fast because Patagonia is having a very rare sale on some of its best selling apparel. I am obsessed with my pullover and wear it all the time, and when Wilson let me know one similar to it was on sale, I practically squealed with delight.

Here are some of my favorite picks for this sale:


Patagonia Sale

 one / two / three / four / five / six / seven

Patagonia, while an expensive brand, has excellent quality clothes and a killer return policy. If a piece of Patagonia clothing you own is worn or torn, all you have to do is contact Patagonia and then return it and they will send you a new item. Brands like Patagonia that stick by their product are just the best. Why can’t everyone be this way?  So if you are looking for a great winter vest or jacket, look no further. You will keep whatever you buy from this sale for FOREVER.

Just sayin’.

Happy Thursday!

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The Perfect Bridesmaid Shoes

September 25, 2015
prom pose

Happy Friday! Today I am in Raleigh for my best friend Ashton’s wedding weekend and could not be more thrilled. The celebrations begin in under an hour and I need to get my shit together and game face on, but first, here are the great shoes below I purchased for her wedding. She asked that the bridesmaids wear silver, so I went on the hunt for something that is inexpensive, good quality, and that I’ll wear again. I am very pleased with the end product.


Steve Madden Women's Stecy Sandals
These Steve Madden heels are fantastic and come in a myriad of colors, so if you are given the task of finding bridesmaids shoes like I was, look no further than this pair. Only $80!
And because I can’t post only about the shoes for Ashton’s wedding, I decided that a trip down memory lane was necessary to truly commemorate my gal on her special day. We’ve been best friends since we were 12 and boy have we racked up some memories together. We also went through quite a lengthy awkward phase together, and that stuff can really bond two people together. Readers, I hope you enjoy. Ashton, I’m sorry I’m not sorry. At least you aren’t awkward now, can’t say the same about myself. 
high school
Ah the peak of our awkwardness. Such a special time in our lives. Who knew Jessica McClintoch dresses could be made any uglier, but indeed we found a way. Ashton, I can wear a ribbon around my neck tomorrow if you’d like. Seems very fetching. 
virgin islands
Our romantic vacation with my parents.
before college
Wew that hair cut.
freshman year
The freshman 15.
frat house
ashton and wilson 1
 When we convinced Wilson that Ashton’s shirt was actually his shirt and that it fit really well.
ashton and wilson
It didn’t fit.
us in nyc
The hottest trip to NYC ever.
fball game
Before we understood the glories of sunless tanner.
us in car seats
When we forgot to bring chairs to a tailgate so we used a car seat instead.
me ashton and street
When we decided we’d let Street into our duo.
my wedding
Ashton my pet, you are the best friend a girl could ask for. You are one of the kindest, sweetest, most loyal people I’ve ever known, and I am so grateful you’re my best friend. I am so happy for you that you found your new best friend because he’s simply the best. Love you forever and always. 
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Travel Essentials

September 17, 2015

This Friday I’m traveling to NYC for a girls’ weekend and I could not be more excited. The weekend’s events will surely hold all of the events that basic bitches do: go to long dinners, drink mimosas at brunch, shop, gossip, and drink some more. NYC is one of my most favorite cities in the world so I am excited not only to visit the Big City in all of her glory, but I also haven’t seen these friends in far too long and it will be a lovely reunion.

In preparation of my quick trip, I decided to pull together a peek inside my travel bag. I hate lugging around a heavy bag and try to keep my carry-on tote to the bare essentials to save my shoulder. It’s also a lot more difficult to carry a cocktail around the airport with a bag full of shit. See below for what I consider are can’t-do-withouts on a plane. Cocktails not included. 


Travel Essentials


ipad holderipad /  headphones / charger / backpack / socks / zippered tote / roll-on perfume / lip gloss / luggage tag / passport cover


This zippered tote is a great find and a great price. There are other similar ones out there, but this one is good quality and not too expensive. Plus that zipper is clutch. And for heaven’s sake, don’t forget your socks. Cold feet on an airplane is such a bad way to start a trip. #amiright ?


An aside about friends and visiting them: it is frightening how fast life moves these days. I swear it was April last week. Because I live in Savannah and don’t have my best friends and family at my fingertips like I used to, I have to put forth a lot more effort to make sure a) I know what is going in everyone’s lives and b) they don’t forget about me. DON’T FORGET ABOUT MEEEEEE. I booked this NYC trip on a bit of a whim and am so glad I did it. Being committed to those you love most (and who love you in return) pays dividends far more valuable than those accrued in your investment account. Just a thought on this Thursday… 
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Currently Coveting

September 9, 2015

Ah Wednesday. You’re such a tricky little minx. Not quite the beginning, not quite the end, and you take forever to get to 5 o’clock. Sometimes I want to punt Wednesday in the face. 

I’m in rare form today. Dangerous. 

Moving on. Apparently the new “thing” this year is strappy flats, and I must admit, I do enjoy them quite a bit. Here’s a pair from Zara for $70. What do you think?

Zara flats


Cute right? Yes Mom I know they look like my old ballet shoes. That’s probably why I like them.

Wilson don’t worry I haven’t bought them because I am on a spending freeze. Yet. Why am I always on a spending freeze? 

Can you tell I need some wine? Sheesh

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How To: DIY Jean Cut-Offs

September 4, 2015
me and birdie

As summer transitions into fall, now is always a good time to take inventory of your closet. What did you wear all the time? What did you not touch? What looks stupid and you wonder why you bought it in the first place?

Cleansing your closet of your bad clothing purchases can be refreshing and motivating. And I highly recommend it. 

But before you give away any jeans, consider this — could they become jorts instead of jeans?

I asked myself this very question with a great pair of distressed jeans that I loved, but had become too distressed — i.e. I accidentally put my foot through the designer “hole” in the mid-thigh of the jeans, changing the designer hole from tastefully placed to inappropriate and unsightly.  Not a good look. But instead of giving away the jeans, I got crafty. I pulled out the sharpest scissors I had and got to work.

How to Cut Your Jeans to Make Jorts

Bear with me now. This is not the DIYs you see on HGTV. This is down and dirty.

1. Try your jeans on, and when looking in the mirror, estimate the length you want your shorts to be. Then take a ballpoint pen and make a teeny mark on the side seam of the jeans — I said teeny!

2. Take off your jeans and put some other pants on. This is not a pants-less activity. Wilson that means you too. 

3. Get a ruler (who am I kidding, I used my thumb) and measure 2 1/2 inches (you can always do 3 to be on the safe side) beneath your pen mark. From there, take your pair of scissors and begin cutting in as straight of a line as possible. Doesn’t have to be perfect, I’ll share why later. Keep your cut parallel to the top seam of the jeans as a point of reference to keep your line straight.

4. Put on your jorts. They will be much longer than you want them, but here’s the trick — flip up the raw edge of the jeans at about a half an inch in thickness, and then roll the seam twice to your desired length. If you’re feeling particularly bold, you can roll three times for shorter shorts, or if you’d like a little bit of room you can just roll them twice. You can adjust and tweak with the rolling part to achieve the perfect length for your jorts.

5. If you’d like a little bit of fray to your jorts, you can throw them through the washer/dryer and the raw edge will naturally fray a tad. You can trim the fray as it becomes unruly if necessary.

6. Admire your handiwork and how much money you just saved by creating your very own jorts!


against the gate

 I don’t like my jorts too short, so I just flipped up the raw edge once.

trying not to laugh

 Trying not to laugh here as Wilson gives me artistic direction: “Can you relax? You look so awkward.”

looking down

jorts up close

You get the idea.

w bird

 And because the real model in the family is obviously the dog, Birdie wanted to be a part of the photo shoot.

dog model

She is a total natural in front of the camera, unlike her mother.



Sloppy kisses from The Bird.


 Her serious face. She is committed to her craft.


 Happy Labor Day weekend from Savannah! Try making some jorts this weekend — if you mess them up, who cares. You were going to give them away anyway!

How to Speak Southern


August 27, 2015
up close

If you follow me on Instagram, then you are already well versed in the monumental life news that Wilson and I got a dog last month. Her name is Ladybird Jones of Habersham, she goes by Birdie, and she is the best dog I have ever known. She has my coloring and Wilson’s big head, which we hope she will grow in to. She has an affinity for eating and enjoys eating sticks in particular. She likes carrying magnolia leaves in her mouth while we walk, and running and jumping on anyone with white pants (sorry lady in the square last night!). It seems she shares Wilson’s fondness for white pantsLike father like daughter. 


Taking her home for the first time. She immediately fell asleep with her head on my shoulder and I decided that I liked her quite a bit.

birdie in basket

 We took her on a bike ride a few weekends ago and she enjoyed it for the most part I believe. She fit perfectly in the basket and therefore I didn’t care if she enjoyed the bike ride or not — I made her do it anyway. Builds character. 


 Like any baby, she likes to be held as such. And I am more than happy to oblige.


This was the other morning at 4:15AM when she decided to bark very loudly. I was so mad at her until I looked in the mirror at the bottom of our stairs and realized she was clutching to me like a real human child. I think she actually is a real human child in a dog costume.

sleepy bear

 Too sleepy to open her eyes for the picture.

not lady like

 We are working on what it means to be a Southern lady. She has a very liberal interpretation.

no pictures

 No pictures, please.


 Yes we hold the dog all the time.


One afternoon Birdie Facetimed me when I was on my way home from work stuck in traffic. She was wondering where the hell I was. She has a very strict eating schedule. FEED ME DAMMIT. I’M SO HUNGRY.

birdie at party



little face

We told her dogs were supposed to ride in the back of the car. She wasn’t sure what we meant.

me and birdie on the boat smiling

 Birdie’s first boat ride this past weekend.

on the boat

 She thoroughly enjoyed it.

water bowl

So much so that she fell asleep in her water bowl.


My lovey.

Last night I was so angry with her — Wilson was out of town and therefore I was on solo Birdie-duty and she was so bad. The worst. She peed on me, peed on a rug, ripped a hole in my dress, and carried around a dirty Q-Tip in her mouth that she found in (hopefully) our trash can. I almost threw up. Still might.

But this morning it was like she knew what an asshole she had been and decided to make it up to me by being the cutest, sweetest, most loving puppy ever. She got in my lap when I woke her up this morning and licked the entire side of my face in one swoop. She circled around my legs and sat at my feet while I put on my makeup. She trotted after me while I walked back and forth from the bathroom to the bedroom while getting ready, patiently sitting on her haunches while I picked out what to wear. She recommended the white dress, which is what I chose, obviously. It’s that type of devoted, unrequited love that makes dogs so special. They love without abandon, try to please you to the best of their ability, and give the messiest, grossest, and most loving kisses ever. I’ve fairly certain Birdie has eaten half of my foundation and bronzer after licking my face so much. 

I’d like to apologize in advance for the obnoxious amount of photos that I will most likely post here on SST and on Instagram, but she’s just so damn cute and sweet and I love her. I hope you do too.

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Shoe Self vs. Budget Self — Sole Society Edition

August 19, 2015

It is no secret that I love shoes. I am in a constant mental battle with myself about shoe purchases as I have plenty and don’t need anymore, however I always want more. My inner thoughts go a little something like this:

Shoe me: You deserve those shoes. You work so hard.

Budget me: You don’t need another pair of damn shoes. You don’t have enough space in your closet for another pair and your credit card bill needs to be paid.

Shoe me: Credit card schmedit card. Buy the shoes.

Budget me: How about you take the money you’d spend on the shoes and use it to invest in the stock market? You are supposed to be risky with your investments when you are young.

Shoe me: Exactly. Get risky and buy the shoes. Much better return on investment. Immediate gratification is the best gratification.

Budget me: You are an embarrassment to financially prudent people everywhere. No wonder everyone hates millenials.

Shoe me: STFU and buy the shoes.

Currently, neither side is winning — I suppose you could call it a stalemate. Selfie stalemate. 

Regardless of my inner voices, these booties from Sole Society are super cute and all $100. So if you decide to not invest in the stock market today, you could invest in proper back and arch support and buy these shoes. Ok so I guess Shoe Me is winning now. 






one / two / three

See, pretty good. Worth listening to your shoe self if you have one too. Shut up yes you do have one. 

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Free Workout Videos Online —

August 12, 2015

Ok so I may be very behind the curve on this, but I recently discovered and am slightly obsessed. For those of you who are thinking WTF is this shit, cool it. I promise I didn’t just make a website up.

Fitness Blender is an interweb page that has tons of free workout videos created by a husband/wife duo. You can select which areas you’d like to focus on — upper body, core, lower, etc. — then filter for what kind of exercise you prefer or are in the mood for — cardio, strength training, yoga — and more. I really like it because I’ve been a bit bored of my normal workouts lately and wanted to change things up a tad.

Now that I’ve changed things up with Fitness Blender, I’m sore as F and want y’all to be sore too. Misery loves company. 

I made Wilson Wilson and I did this video after a walk the other day –re: we walked around a few squares with a beer in hand — and afterwards he astutely observed, “That was hard.”

Well said, Wilson.

Fitness blender


Their expressions are a tad creepy, no? But don’t take that as an indication of the quality of their workout videos. They are fantastic and super easy to use — highly recommend. And no I did not receive a cut for promoting these. 

Ok enough talk about working out — let’s discuss something really interesting and worthwhile. What are you drinking right now? I’m drinking “coffee.”

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Billy Reid Dress

August 3, 2015
dress 3

When I was in Charleston a few weekends ago I happened upon a Billy Reid boutique. A talented Southern designer, Billy Reid has some truly beautiful clothes, but wew those prices are ‘spensive. Luckily for me, ol’ Billy put some things on sale for me. I got this dress for $150, and you should too. But only if you’re in the market. 

dress 2

dress / shoes (on even bigger sale than before!) / necklace / lip stain

I think this will be a great transitional dress into the fall once Savannah decides to cool down a tad. But even amidst her 90-degree-heat, this dress is still great in this hot Savannah summer.


Wilson took these photos of me in our square before we went on a date. Re: I actually had makeup on and my hair was somewhat clean. The initial conversation went a little something like this:

Me: Wilson, will you take some pictures of me in the square?

Wilson: What kind of pictures?

Me: Pictures of me in this dress so I can put it on the blog.

Wilson: Sure, can I bring my gin and tonic?

Me: Yes.

Wilson: Then just call me your gin and tonic photographer.

Me in my head: Ah yes, just what the world needs.

lamp post

Despite my G&T photog, I think he did a fine job. The model, now she could use some training!

Seriously. Why isn’t is 5 o’clock yet. Shit.

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Lamps Under $100

July 31, 2015

Ever get that itch to update something in your home? I’m constantly resisting to scratch this itch, but if you must scratch, then scratch wisely. An easy way to give your home an affordable refresh is to switch out older lamps. Here are some of my favorites and they are all under $100…


i love lamp
one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine






Happy Friday!