September 2014



A White Pants Story

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Now that it is after Labor Day and the end of summer – and happiness as we know it – it is traditionally the end of something that I thoroughly enjoy — the end of wearing white pants. As much as I love white pants, I think it is safe to say that Wilson may love them even more. On me, not him. He refers to the time between Easter and Labor Day as White Pants Season, and looks forward to this time of year more than Christmas.

For example.

Let’s rewind almost two years. It was my 25th birthday and Wilson and I were hosting my parents, sister, brother-in-law, and my niece, EG for a little birthday cookout at our house. This was pre-niece #2. The Tar Heels were playing Duke in football and losing. Womp. As a obnoxious diehard Heels fan, Wilson was not taking this loss lightly. And, to make matters worse, my brother-in-law is a Duke fan, for reasons we don’t quite understand because he is really a lovely person and not a devil at all. Between the dwindling Heels score, the copious amounts of bourbon drinking, and my brother-in-law cheering for Duke, Wilson was having a really bad time.


white pants

Fuzzy cell phone picture, but this is my bestie Ashton and me with our respective men this past weekend. And, I’m wearing white pants.


So he kicked the bourbon drinking into high gear. He was practically bathing in it. 

By the time dinner rolled around, Wilson was rosy-cheeked and talking at three decibels above everyone else. Not minding his drunkeness jolliness as it was my birthday, I simply toasted him with my red wine and ate my dinner. I’m not one to judge. After dinner we had birthday pie – I’m a pie person – and then I opened my presents.

I unwrapped my gift from my parents, which was a pair of  winter white corduroys. Before I could get out the customary Thank you! I love them! Wilson beat me to the punch.

“WHITE PANTS!” he screamed, his eyes opening wide and his cheeks flushed an uncanny hue of purple. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!”


There are very few moments when I have been the gut-wrenching, cheek-burning, wanting-to-seep-through-the-cracks-in-the-floor kind of embarrassed, but this was undoubtedly one of those times. My brother-in-law and sister burst into deep belly laughs and my parents chuckled and looked at Wilson in surprise. They’d never seen him quite so candid about my looks, thankfully. 

“Look at Annie’s cheeks!” my brother-in-law laughed, and I knew the color of my cheeks were probably a deeper purple than Wilson’s.

I tried to join in the laughter but what I really wanted to do was pinch Wilson’s arm – he hates that – and tell him to have some freaking discretion. Goodness. Ever the Wilson-fan, my dad nudged me in the arm and said, “Stop being such a prude.”

My brother-in-law still claims he’s never laughed so hard in his life.

Having explained Wilson’s love for white pants, this is partially the reason why I am no longer abiding by the no-white-pants-after-Labor-Day rule. If it makes Wilson this happy – and they really do, lawd – then it’s worth breaking an, in my mind, archaic fashion faux-pas. The other reason why I’m wearing white pants year-round now is because they will look so good with so many fall/winter things — think how cute they’ll be tucked into boots, paired with a light gray sweater, matched with a black turtleneck? The options are endless.

And they make Wilson really, really, happy. Oy.

So, who’s with me?



September 2014



Track Trend

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Ok SO I’ve been resisting this clothing trend for about a year now, but it seems that it is here to stay for the time being so I might as well come to grips with this information. I present to you, loyal SST readers, the latest thing to come to a closet near you: dressing like an 70′s track star.

I know, I know.

Think Bruce Jenner in his prime and add some effortless glamour, and that’s what this trend is all about. It’s comfortable, it’s a little sexy, and it’s pretty cool. See some of my favorite track-inspired pieces below.


Track Trend


All of these items are either from J.Crew or Topshop, my usual haunts. But because trying out a new trend can be risky, you must follow two rules: 1) NEVER spend a lot of money on a trendy item and 2) Always try it out safely by purchasing the trendy item from a brand you trust and normally wear. This will guarantee it is good quality and a good fit, and will also allow you to ease into the trend. Nothing worse than waking up one day and decide you are going to dress exclusively like 70′s Bruce Jenner and buy your clothes only from American Apparel from now on.  

 1. Striped Sweatshirt: This is a great top that is both comfy and stylish. Stripes are also very in this season. I feel like they are always in, but WWD told me they were specifically in this season so whatever. $56.

2. Skinny Twill Sweatpant: Very on-trend pants in navy or white and they look very comfortable. I always recommend that when wearing something looser on the bottom — like these pants or the red ones described below — you balance it out with a form-fitting top. I use this rule of fashion thumb a lot, with the exception of dressing for work. Work-dressing is in its own category, much like my addiction penchant to malbec. $41.99 with the code SHOPFORFALL.

3. Pinstripe Bomber Jacket: Oh this thing is just too cute. Perfect for the fall with a pair of boyfriend skinny jeans, this jacket makes a great Bruce Jenner statement pre-his Kardashian days. $104.99 with extra 25% off code SHOPFORFALL.

4. Felt Baseball Cap: Baseball caps aren’t just for the dugout anymore. I think that women wearing baseball caps as a fashion statement was the biggest problem I had initially with the track trend. I really love the cute pants and bomber jackets, but the baseball hat + skinny jeans on a girl’s night out just seemed too strange to me. But, for those of you who feel confident and sassy enough to try this out — look at you! so proud – this felt cap is really cute and a decent price. $40.

5. Crepe Lounge Pant: I LOVE these pants, especially in the uber-bright belvedere red color. Seems like red pants shouldn’t be named after vodka, but who am I to judge. These would be great for work and a night out on the town – for work I’m thinking paired with a tailored white button down tucked in, and for a fun dinner they’d be great with a blouse-y silk top. They are also extra 25% off right now with the code SHOPFORFALL — $73.50.

So, what do you think? I’m kinda digging it. SST will always keep you on track with the latest trends. 

Don’t forget! Today is the last day to enter my giveaway for a free pair of pants of your choosing courtesy of Ecru. Click here to enter!



September 2014



The Perfect Fall Jacket for $80

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It’s 7:45AM in Savannah and it’s 79 degrees out already, so I really don’t think I’ll need a jacket or any fall clothes any time soon, but a girl can dream.

I found the below jacket on Shopbop a few weeks ago and it’s been on the brain ever since. It’s also been in my online shopping cart ever since, too. 

BB Dakota is a great inexpensive brand that offers a lot of variety in its pieces and it’s mostly good quality, too. I say mostly because I saw a “leather” dress by BB Dakota in a store the other day and it looked like it was made from a plastic grocery store bag. But everything else is good.



jacket / nail polish / gold cuff


I’m imagining this with my distressed jeans, R&B booties and a black tank underneath. Or, with my Ecru pants and a white silk blouse underneath. But since it’s hot as f*&$ outside, I’d really have to wear the jacket with nothing else to stay cool. Wilson, don’t get any ideas. 

Speaking of Ecru, have you entered my giveaway yet? One free pair of pants of your choosing if you enter…



September 2014




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I’m currently chugging my grande soy latte, jamming to whatever Spotify is serving up on this early morn in the effort to get down my excited words onto this blog page. My heart is bursting with joy. No I’m not pregnant. What the hell are you thinking?

Remember a few weeks ago when I told you about these fabulous Ecru pants that I found at a random boutique? Yes, the ones that I’ve worn twice once a week since I got them. Yes, the ones that are fantastically durable, non-wrinkly, slimming, and yet totally comfortable. Yes, those.

Well you can imagine my immense happiness when one of Ecru’s fab marketing gals Ilana reached out to me to see if I’d like to review some more of their products. Um, YES I would Ilana. I’d also like to refurbish my entire wardrobe with the fabric y’all use to make your pants, but we’ll get to that later.

Ilana suggested I try the Santana panteach of their pants is named after a famous musician, but I’m wondering where the Elton pant is? Have we talked about my Elton obsession yet? Another day, another day… – and obviously since she is the expert I went with her suggestion.

Holy mackerel.

Ecru Pants Giveaway!


I slipped the Santana pants on and it was like I transformed into Sandy from the last scene of Grease, but they aren’t skin tight like hers were — they just made me feel totally on point and hawt. I may have even done a little box step to test them out. I wore them to work last week with a black peplum top – I really did want to channel my inner Sandy that day with the black-on-black ensemble – and I felt fantastic. Tell me about it, stud.

Before I get all You’re the One That I Want  on you, let’s chat about the fit of the pants for a second. Last time I said that you should go up a size to make sure they aren’t too tight for work purposes. I was wrong. See Wilson, I can admit when I’m wrong. Don’t go up a size. If you are buying them for work, buy your true size. If you are buying them for personal wear, you could even go down a size. The fabric is stretchy and will gradually loosen, much like jeans do. I haven’t put my pants in the dryer yet because putting them in the washing machine will get them back to their original size, but I may put them in the dryer moving forward if they are still a little looser than I’d like. No one wants mom-jeans-butt. No one.

And because everyone deserves to have some Ecru pants, Ecru is giving away a free pair of pants to one lucky SST reader. All you have to do is do one of the little thingys below — yes please notice that SST now has a Facebook page, we’re legit — and you will have a chance to win! And, if you win, you can pick out any pair you want — take a look here at Ecru’s awesome pant selection. The more thingys you do, the greater your chances are to win. #probability

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So, what are you waiting for? Get to entering so you can channel your inner Sandy. You’re the one that I want… oo oo oo

**This post was sponsored by Ecru, but the only reason they contacted me is because I covered their pants first. Haha. All thoughts, opinions and writing is, of course, my own. I will never post about a product I do not believe in. Lying is for losers.



September 2014



Fall Sole Society Shoes for Under $100

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Peeps, it’s Thirsty Thursday and this coffee just ain’t cuttin’ it. I wish I was having special coffee like we did in Jackson Hole… re: Bailey’s Irish Coffee with a dash of real coffee. Much better combo à mon avis. 


I’ve been eyeing this pair of plaid mini pumps from Sole Society for some time. The green plaid is just too cute and they have a heel that I could trot around in, which me likey. While gazing at these beauties I then discovered a few more pairs from Sole Society that I was into as well… I know, I know. The below wheel o’ shoes are all under $100, which ain’t too bad my friends.

#plasticforkbudget x 100 these days. 


 Fall Shoes by Sole Society


 plaid pumps / tan flats / leopard wedges / tan shoeties / red loafers / tassle booties

Each pair is different, but perfect for this transition time between summer and fall as well as great for fall/winter, too. Got to make your #dolladollabills stretch as far as you can, Christmas time and ridiculous spending is right around the corner. Don’t forget. 



September 2014



Help a Fella Out — Gift Under $25

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Happy September!

SST is comin’ in hot today with a cheap gift for all you fellas out there looking to shower your lady for being the wonderful, patient, beautiful person she is. Cough Wilson cough. 

Below is a great acrylic – acrylic is a euphemism for plastic — catchall bowl that can be monogrammed. SST men: if you don’t know what a catchall bowl is, don’t worry, you don’t need to. Just buy it and she’ll love how organized all of her crap will instantly become with this plastic acrylic bowl. So not only did you surprise her with a great gift, you also helped her get more organized. Winner winner chicken-freakin-dinner. 

acrylic catch all bowl


Buy it here, and you’re welcome. Ta ta for now.



August 2014



My Favorite Entertaining Items for Labor Day — Under $60

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Hello! Happy Thursday everyone.

A housekeeping announcement before we begin our daily thrift session: my mother and sister both kindly informed me that my last post was RIFE with errors and typos, so I just wanted to say oops and I’m sorry. Self-editing is an ongoing process that is sometimes more successful than others. So, my bad. #shit

Now, on to much more important things: THE WEEKEND.

Labor Day weekend is almost here and I am going to the beach with my parents, sister and bro-in-law, Wilson, and, most importantly, my baby nieces. Sorry Wilson and fam. My nieces are the sweetest/cutest/smartest/prettiest/etc. etc. you get the picture – I’m obsessed with them. 

On Saturday night I am in charge of making dinner. I’m going to make crab cakes, a delicious salad, and some sort of buttery, not-good-for-you casserole. After all, it’s vacation and the weekend. And I deserve it, dammit. 

Here are a few entertaining lovelies that I think would be perfect for my Saturday dinner — all under $60. Perf. 


aqua plate / napkin rings / cake stand / wooden bowl / linen napkin / gold glasses / gold spoons / fish bottle opener / blue bowl / coasters

 Good stuff, huh?

And speaking of weekends, a fellow UNC grad just started a fabulous blog called Weekend Wanderer that is truly fantastic. Check it out if you are into weekends. If you aren’t into weekends, you shouldn’t be reading SST either, for that matter. 

Hope each of you has a safe, happy and extremely fun weekend.  I’ll be toasting you. 



August 2014



Porchin’ It

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Since the porch in our old house was so great — our street was warm and friendly with great sidewalks and lots of foot traffic — I wanted to make sure our Savannah nest offered the same amount of eavesdropping. People-watching is one of my favorite past-times, particularly with a strong cocktail.

Before I get too much into porches, I first want to tell the story of finding our Savannah love nest. If you’ve been reading awhile you’ll know that I got a new job at the end of May and had three weeks to find a new place to live in Savannah. Never one to be deterred by a tight deadline, I turned to my best friend and supplier of all things wonderful, Craigslist. I obviously avoid the personals section. The rental market is slim-pickins’ these days and I searched high and low until I found our gem of an apartment. I clicked on the listing and poured over the gorgeous photos of our apartment and promptly reported to Wilson that I had found our new home.

That weekend we drove down to Savannah to view a few apartments, our present one included. I wasn’t interested in any of them besides our current one, but I wanted to pretend we had options. Our first appointment was cancelled, and then our second appointment was for our current home.

“Ok Anna, don’t go in there and oooo and ahh over everything. I know you want this place but you can’t blow it for us — we have to be able to bargain with them a little,” Wilson instructed as we pulled up to the condo. I scoffed at him as I am always the pinnacle of discretion.

We got out of the car and into my life walked one of the best people I’ve met in a long time. Enter: our current landlord Steve.

Equipped with a bluetooth earpiece and proudly holding a tiny yorkie dog with a hair clip in its hair, Steve’s face was warm and excited as he greeted us on his front stoop. “Hi, I’m Steve, and this is Zoey,” he shook both of our hands vigorously and then grandly gestured to the squirrel of a yorkie who started to violently shake when I tried to pet her head. “She’s not one for strangers, she likes to be held,” Steve informed me. Clearly.

Steve opened the door for us — “It’s a really old door, you have to jiggle it just right” – and then led us up the stairs into the apartment. I had to bite my lip to keep from squealing. But because Steve is amazing and my favorite person, he did all of the squealing for me. “Isn’t it just STUNNING?” he gushed. “All the floors are the original ones from the building — this place is over 200 years old. I redid this whole place two years ago,” he said as he took a little bow. I wanted to hug him. 

In keeping with Wilson’s strict instructions – must not act too excited, must not act too excited – I coolly walked around the apartment, politely nodding to Steve’s colorful commentary. “Anna, come look at these windows. Are they just gorgeous? Floor to ceiling almost. The ceiling’s are 12 feet. One time we had a cocktail party in here with over 50 people that was a doctor theme and everyone wore signs on their backs that said what kind of ailments they ‘had’ — I had the flu! — and my friend who’s a doctor was in town and everyone had to go ask her questions about their sickness until they figured it out! Isn’t that just hilarious?” I had to do everything in my power not to invite him to stay and live with us for forever.

I really was doing a great job at not ruining our bargaining power until I saw the porch.

“Oh. Mah. Gaw,” I exclaimed and interrupted Steve as he was regaling us with a story about the neighbors downstairs and a fight over a lasagna. I sprinted to the porch, leaving Steve, Wilson and Zoey in the dust, and threw open the hand-blown glass doors. “OH MAH GAW!”

I suppose you can say the rest is history.

the view 2

 This porch is everything I wanted and more.

the view

 Everything from our porch was from our old house. We bought nothing new. Woot!

Recognize the coffee table? It’s used to be in our living room.

loveseat view

 The wicker furniture used to be on our front porch. I bought it with from Wilson’s old landlord along with a dining room table and chairs and a outdoor iron dining set all for $500. Booyah. The lantern was a cheap find on Joss & Main for $12.

couch and chair

The striped pillows are from Pottery Barn, the others are from Homegoods that my mother in law found.



porch pot

Steve created these gorgeous planters for us. Remember my front door planters? Steve’s make mine look like crap.

pot upclose

Good stuff.

Wilson and I ate dinner on the porch last night and it was perfect. Steve, I love you!



August 2014



Lingerie Shower Gifts Under $40

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In keeping with this week’s theme of love, I’m covering something that (most) men love — lingerie. My friend asked me for some suggestions for nice lingerie that doesn’t cost too much — she’s a bridesmaid in her good friend’s wedding and needs an inexpensive lingerie shower gift.

Before discussing lingerie, let’s talk lingerie showers for a hot second.

Lingerie showers are always kind of awkward. You’re sitting with a group of girls watching your best friend open up gifts of underwear. Weird. You usually don’t know everyone at the shower because it’s an amalgam of the bride’s friends — her high school cronies, college sorat sisters, post-college adult friends, and a few other randos peppered in between. And because you don’t know everyone at the shower, you don’t know what they will buy for the bride, which is cause for serious concern. You don’t want to be the annoying bridesmaid who buys your bride-friend a pair of ugly pink grandma panties — hate that word – that she’ll never wear, but you also don’t want to show up with a full-on cat suit that makes others think you are some sort of freak. Or something.

It’s a stressful situation, I understand. I’m here to help you.

All of these suggestions are from Nordstrom — it carries the best underwear in my opinion. And no, the Nordstrom peeps are not sponsoring this. Also all of these choices are under $40. Woot!


Lingerie Picks

 balconette bra / purple bralette / white bralette / black bralette


All of these bras can easily be matched with either their actual matching underwear or can be paired with ones that are the same color. Except for the purple bra, that needs to go with its matching undies. 

Mmk enough bra talk. It’s supposed to be 101 degrees tomorrow in Savannah. What the hell? Did I miss the memo and the Equator suddenly moved over south Georgia? I just don’t know how to handle this… Oh I know. A cold vodka cocktail with extra ice. Wilson, if you wouldn’t mind having that ready for me when I come home, I’d be much obliged.



August 2014



In My Mind I’m Gone to Jackson

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As a born and raised Southerner, I’ve never been overly obsessed with any area in our fine country besides the U.S. I loveeeeee to travel, but I really love the South. Except I cannot get Jackson off of my mind. Here’s some more photos from our amazing trip this past weekend.

photo 5


photo 3

What a crappy view.

photo 4

photo 7

 My little golfer.





11 Mountains.

Tomorrow is fryyyyyday.