July 2014



Teeny Table Time — Side Tables Under $100

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Howdy! I saw an Instagram from Roxy of Society Socialfun stuff, from NC, check her out — about tiny tables and I thought, Wait a minute. I’m obsessed with tiny tables too. 

So I decided to do my own gathering of itty-bitty tables that are perfect for carrying a cocktail and that’s about it. All of the below are all $100 or less, too. Woot.


Teeny Tables Get Turnt Up


yellow tray table / white garden stool /hammered copper table / wood tray table / circular bronze table / round white table / basket stool / moroccan table / round white table 2 / blue table / angular white stool

Aren’t they so cute? As for my current lil’ table inventory, I have Hot the Elephant who got his ice cream paint job earlier this year and also a little bronze table I picked up from Target on sale on sale. Wilson’s and my teeny apartment is the perfect spot to put tiny tables. Where will you put yours?



July 2014



Some Really Awesome Pants

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Happy Thursday everyone! I am ready for the weekend. And by the weekend I really mean ready for a drink.

I bought some amazing pants two weeks ago and have worn them three (ok five) times since and thought I’d share the love.

DISCLAIMER: These are expensive, but I got them for 50% off… Anyway, they are worth sharing regardless.

Ecru White Pants

These things are so great. Made of a thick, stretchy fabric that is very wrinkle-resistant, these pants made by random designer Ecru are fantastic and I am so happy I bought them. Even though they are originally $165 — I got them for less, but still.. pricey for sure. Sorry. If you are looking for some great pants that are perfect for work – I suggest going up a size for work to make sure they aren’t too tight – and for play, these are for you. I am going to get them in other colors for the fall I think — black is a must and I love the beautiful camel color, would be great with boots and a navy blazer. Very Kate Middleton. 

Don’t forget to enter the SST Swaponz giveaway — it ends tomorrow! If you win you get five complimentary Swaponz smartphone case designs picked by yours truly. Don’t you like my use of complimentary instead of FREE! ?

I am ready for a mimosa. Who’s with me??



July 2014



Trend Alert — Caned Furniture

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Got some good stuff for y’all today. I know what you’re thinking… It’s about time… I’m sick of seeing your J.Crew sale outfits. I don’t blame you.

Like many others, I’m super in to caned furniture at the moment. Not sure what caned/caning is? I wasn’t either.

According to One Kings Lane, caned furniture — chairs, specifically — dates back to the Baroque period of England during King Charles II’s reign. Apparently England was dominated by Puritans who were super boring and made really plain furniture but with good ol’ Charlie put back on the throne, he brought back style and luxury, with a particular influence in furniture craftsmanship. If this time in history were a movie it’d be called “How England Got Her Groove Back.” 

That’s your history lesson for the day, you’re welcome. 

But enough about history… caned furniture is the bomb and you should jump on the caned bandwagon. Caned furniture is comfortable, interesting and always on-trend no matter what piece or where you put it in your home.

Here are some of my favorite caned pieces that I own…

photo 1

 I snapped these pictures before we moved — these two caned chairs used to sit in our master bedroom.

photo 2


coffee table 3

 And now they are in our living room doing full-time duty until we get a couch. Speaking of the couch — I just got word that it is scheduled for delivery on August 11 — hallelujah!

photo 3

  Up close and personal with the Holy Cane.


Remember this Craigslist steal Wilson found for $60? And then spray painted… Such a good husband. 


loft table

And then it was used to display the husband things

kitchen console

And now it sits in our kitchen. I love these lamps, on Overstock for $152 for the pair.

Now for some more caned furniture pieces that I love for (kind of) reasonable prices… All furniture is so expensive. Safavieh Caned Chairs

These are a pair of caned chairs I found on Overstock for $225. Very stylish. Medallion Caned Side Chair

Love this one, still a bit pricey though at $400. It would be the perfect compliment to a beautiful vanity table. Charles II would be pleased.

Mahogany caned back couch

THIS piece is an awesome caned couch I found on Craigslist in the Savannah area for $325. Of course I found it after I already ordered a sofa, but Wilson would probably have nixed it anyway. He’d say it was too girly. He detests anything too pretty/girly… besides me of course. 

Mahogany caned back couch 2

But all this sofa it needs is some love and new cushions. Something in a thick weave/faux linen in a cream would be perfect, paired with some big overstuffed pillows. This piece would be the ideal conversation piece on a screened porch. I die. 

Mahogany caned back couch 3

 I just know Charles II would think this piece was the bomb. If anyone in the Savannah area is in the market for a couch, this is the answer to your sofa prayers.

 Are you in to caned furniture as much as I am? Let me know of your good finds…



July 2014



Anna-Proofing My Life — Swaponz

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This past Monday morning was a bit of a dramatic one for me. After not sleeping well the night before, I dragged myself out of bed, got dressed, somehow made a coffee and smoothie, and headed out the door. In our new apartment, heading out the door is not as simple of a task as it was in Charlotte, however. Heading out the door means descending a fairly lengthy flight of hardwood stairs and then another short flight of stairs down to the street. Big city livin’, as Wilson says. 

I began to trot down the steps with coffee in one hand, smoothie in the other,and my work bag slung over my shoulder… and then I slipped on a step and went face-first down the remainder of the stairs. It certainly was a faster way to get down. The coffee and smoothie flew through the air as I banged on each hard edge all the way to the front door. I landed on all fours and screamed in pain because I thought my knees were broken. While I’ve always had a flair for drama, I swear it really did hurt… 

Some days it just does NOT pay to get out of bed, I thought to myself.

After crying all the way work – just call me Scarlett O’Hara, I know – I pulled myself together and realized how utterly ridiculous it was that I had already had a mini-drama and near-death experience before 8:30AM. I mean, really? Falling down a flight of stairs is something that happens to old timers, not a healthy gal in their 20s… I am my own cause of drama, I realized. I need to Anna-proof my life. And fast before I break my neck… 

Because of this life-altering Monday morning epiphany, you can imagine my delight when my friend Ellen reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in collaborating with Swaponz, a new awesome smartphone case company.

Phone case, you say? Yes I really need one of those. Do you also have a case for my body, too? Let me know… 

While it doesn’t make body cases to save yourself from… yourself, Swaponz does offer some bomb-ass phone cases that you can switch out the covers for any time you want. It’s essentially like getting five phone cases for the price of one. Super #plasticforkbudget friendly and helps #annaproof my life. 

This is how it works — you pick the Swaponz starter kit based on the type of smartphone you have ($17.95) and then you purchase a cover in the design you want, each $6.95. Anytime you want to switch out your cover, you just swap out the design cover for another. Boom. Done.

Here are my five favorites:


Teal ostrich


Love me some fake ostrich. Did I mention all of these phone cases glow in the dark, too? Perfect for helping me find my phone when it insists on living at the very bottom of my handbag. What now iPhone. 

Aztec pattern

I love this one

ostrich feathers


Leopard print


Animal print is always in.



Aren’t they cute? And because Swaponz is really workin’ it on this fine Friday, they are giving away one free Swaponz starter kit plus my five favorite cover designs to a very lucky SST reader. Don’t you need to #annaproof your life too? Be honest, now… 

Just do one of the below – or you can do all if you’re an overachiever – to enter to win. Good luck peeps!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**This post was sponsored by Swaponz, but all thoughts/opinions/writing are my own. Don’t worry, I’m still telling the truf. #truth.



July 2014



Summer Dresses on Sale

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Yo! Wanted to draw your attention to these two great summer dresses. Wilson, I wanted to let you know to be expecting these. I’m not one for surprises. 

Both of these dresses are great for a quick + chic summer outfit — one that says I’m fashionably inclined, not too overdone and contentious of pit stains. Sorrrrryyy.

Just be careful because these beauties are both final sale, so if you aren’t 100% sure about your size, I’d probably pass and find something that isn’t final sale. Just sayin’.


 SST Quick Hits -- Summer Sales

sleeveless dress / snakeskin print dress

Also, thank you for all the nice compliments I received on the Savannah nest! Y’all are nice people and I like you very much.



July 2014



Savannah Sneak Peek

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You know those times in your life when you move so quickly that you don’t really even know what is going on? Your body is running at a sprinter’s pace but your mind doesn’t have time to catch up and register what exactly is happening. That has been my life these past few weeks. I’m sitting here writing this on the porch of Wilson’s and my new condo — apartment? nest? squatting place? Wilson and I are struggling with what to call this — and I really cannot believe it.

Savannah porch 2

 The view from our porch. It really is great.

Savannah porch 1

Yes that’s a glass of champagne. Wilson had to trot back to CLT and I am tad lonely therefore I poured myself some champs. When in doubt, always employ the company of some champagne. Two glasses down and I’m feeling fantastic about this moving-to-a-different-job-and-state-in-a-month sitch again. Feel free to judge.

Now that I am officially an inhabitant of the Lowcountry and we have unpacked quite a bit, I figured I’d give you a little taste of what our new nest looks like. Wilson I think we should call this our nest. Love nest??!! Ok fine I’ll stop. 

Any parts that aren’t shown are still not unpacked and/or look like shit so I’ll wait until they look better to show you those. Wouldn’t want you to see what my life is REALLY like now would we… 


The kitchen.

kitchen table

The breakfast nook + entry to the porch where I am drinking currently.

bar cart

The bar cart. Most likely the most important part of this place.

kitchen console

Console table in the kitchen. Remember when it lived in the loft?

console table 2

coffee table 3

Living room. This room needs some TLC… in the form of a couch. I still haven’t found the Couch of Compromise but it’s coming. Hopefully sooner rather than later… 

coffee table

This coffee table is worth it’s weight in gold and most DEFINITELY worth almost getting into a fist-fight with some lady in CLT. Don’t act like you wouldn’t put up a fight for this gem too. 

coffee table 2

Wilson told me the other day we have too many books. Wisdom by Wilson.

living room

Tea for two.

bedroom 2

The bedroom. I’m not too high on this wall color and think I probably will paint it the same gray that was in our old master, however it’ll do just fine for now.

bedroom 3

bedroom 4

I love that bluebird, it was my grandmother’s.

Well, what do you think? I think it’s great start considering we’ve only been here for a week. Huge thanks to my parents and Wilson’s parents for all of their love, support, and HELP. Seriously Wilson’s parents should make moving/unpacking their side business because they did an unbelievable amount of unpacking in such a short span of time. Love y’all, and not just because you helped us move… 

Hope you peeps have a good week.



July 2014



Investment Piece of the Month

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I realized I forgot to do an Investment Piece of the Month for June. My bad. Sometimes I think I would forget to put my head on my shoulders if it wasn’t attached by my neck. Necks = never forgetting your head. 

Anywho. Wilson’s and my move to Savannah is well under way, and as previously mentioned, it sucks/I hate it/it’s awful/someone bring me vodka. You get the picture. blah blah…

BUT! BUT! BUT! The one amazing thing that happened from moving is that we left behind that God-forsaken leather couch in Charlotte. Can I get a hell yea?! I think this calls for poppin’ some Veuve… Chyeah. 

I have dreamed of this day since I moved in with Wilson… the day I would be able to walk into our home and not be greeted by the shiny brown ugliness that was that couch. Sometimes I would walk by and kick that thing I hated it so much. And today is that day! But, now I have to find another one. And DAMN are couches expensive. But necessary. Which brings me to July’s Investment Piece of the Month – cue the drumroll and trumpets – a couch. Womp. Can’t you just hear the trumpets losing tune and the drumroll coming to an awkward stop because couches are so anti-climatic? Couches are a bit boring — but again, necessary.

As something you sit on, pass by, and/or look at pretty much every day, couches are something that you should invest in — within reason. I’m not saying you should throw $5k at some stupid couch – who do you think I am? – I’m just saying this is one of those times to throw a little more money at the item than in other instances. Like instead of buying those expensive shoes — cough Anna — you should save your monies and buy a good quality couch. One that you will like for more than five minutes.

With this in mind, I’m currently in the difficult throes of decision-making. I really wanted this one below…

no arm couch

but Wilson vetoed it because it had no arms. “IT HAS NO ARMS, ANNA!” he exclaimed, exasperated and bewildered when I showed him the picture of said BEAUT of a couch. He goes along with a lot of things because I like them and he wants to make me happy, but I suppose a couch with no arms is where he draws the line. Ughh fineee. 

So now I’m thinking about something more simple and straightforward — more “Wilson,” if you will — like this one so that the sofa will be a source of comfort and enjoyment as opposed to an instigator of marital strife. We shall call it “The Couch of Compromise.”

Lee Industries Sofa


What do you think? You like? I’m thinking the fabric should be a linen look-a-like with no maintenance and something that doesn’t wrinkle. Hence no linen. Please leave me a comment and help me out. Merci. 

Wilson don’t ever say I didn’t do anything nice for you…



July 2014



My Life Today

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I haven’t forgotten about y’all. My life is just a little messy right now.

moving 6

Like really f*&*ing messy.

moving 4

I hate moving.

moving 2

I think I may start drinking.

moving 1

I have no advice to give you today besides don’t move. That’ll save you some money. And it’ll save you a lot of cursing, which is way more Southern lady-like than my vocabulary these past few days.

I’ll check back in with y’all when my life is less complicated. Hope your week is going better than mine…



June 2014



Kate Spade + Shopbop Sale and An Easy Work Outfit

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As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, my sister Laurie also asked me to pull together an easy work outfit she can wear during the summer. She informed me that sometimes she wears the same outfit the whole week to work because she sees different people every day.


Cue my judging questioning eyebrow arch. 

Excuse me, madam?

She travels for work, but still. This is an unacceptable interesting trait. While I understand having two children under the age of 2 1/2 is challenging for sure, but this is just a travesty. Not to mention you can only blame the smell on your children every now and then or else people will start to catch on. 

So here’s a great summer outfit for work that Sister can throw on in a jiff. At least now you’ll have two outfits per week? This is a good ensemble for normal people who wear different outfits every day, too.


Easy Summer Work Outfit -- Kate Spade Extra 25% Sale

 Turquoise wallet / Nude heels / Bow catch-all / Straw tote / Pink dress / Triple strand necklace

Happy Thursday peeps. I’ll be toasting ya. 



June 2014



Kate Spade Sale and an Easy Summer Outfit

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I’ve told y’all about my sister before, but I don’t think I’ve ever really given you the full story. As my older sister by nearly seven years, she has bossed me around her entire life and thinks of herself as my second mother. The #banbossy does not apply here. Ever the life of the party, Laurie is wide-open almost all of the time, and what you see is what you get with this one. She truly is one-of-a-kind. Thank goodness, I don’t think the world could handle two Lauries. 

The funny part about Laurie is, even though she still laughs at her own jokes and gets overserved with the best of them, she now has two baby girls of her own. In addition to me, of course. Her days of spending hours getting ready and late night partying are exchanged for dirty diapers and watching Frozen on repeat. And the only late nighters she pulls now are when the baby wakes up — and she wouldn’t have it any other way. I’d like to think I taught her how to be such a great mother — if you’ve been reading awhile you know I require a lot of attention. 

But just because she’s a mommy instead of a partier doesn’t mean she can’t still look amaze, she just has to be able to primp in about five seconds. So, with that in mind, I’ve pulled together a great summer outfit that Laurie – and any young mom – can throw on in a hot second. And the whole outfit is on sale AND extra 25% off with the code MORESALE. Win-nah win-nah chicken din-nah.


Easy Breezy Beautiful Sister

Yellow handbag / Tan sandals / Blue and white dress / Gold earrings / Gold key bracelet / Turquoise bangle

I know one day when my nieces grow up and we regale them with stories of Laurie’s glory days, they’ll look back  and say, My mom was the shit. Especially in this outfit.

In addition to the Kate Spade sale, Shopbop is having extra 25% off all sale items with the code 25MORE and J. Crew is having 30% off everything using the code HISUMMER. The sale stars are in alignment this week, just in time for my first paycheck to be deposited. 

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