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Help a Fella Out — Tote for $19

December 19, 2014

TGIF peeps. It’s almost the freakin’ weekend and that’s a really good thing.

For the record, I’m not talking about alcohol at all in the post (besides right then). I had someone tell me last night that they weren’t going to introduce me to someone they knew in Savannah because said person doesn’t drink and they knew we wouldn’t get along from how much I talk about drinking on SST.

Oh dear. I’ve said too much.

I really do like people who don’t drink, too. Whilst it is a tad puzzling to me, I’m a proponent of you-do-you, so I welcome all friends, drinking or non. Perhaps just warn them about me in advance, though. 

Anywho, I’ve got some good shiz for you today. In this month’s edition of the SST Help a Fella Out series, I’ve got an easy-as-pie — why does that saying exist? Pie is not easy to make — gift for all my SST males to give their ladies. This can be a last minute addition to your holiday gift-giving, or you can just give her this gift just because. Ain’t that sweet. 

I bought this bag a few months ago when I celebrated my birthday at Forever 21 and it was such a good purchase. And now it’s on sale for $19. Between it being Friday and this bag being on sale, I feel like we are winning the lottery here. Kind of.


Forever 21 Tote


I took this bag to my BFF Betsy’s wedding last weekend to Dallas as my on-the-plane bag and it was bomb. Plenty of room, nice wide straps, and a great lookin’ color — winner winner. And for $19 this bag is really a no-brainer.

Speaking of weddings, I have some shout-outs to give: congratulations to my dear friends Betsy and B who got married last week; lots of love to my best friend Emery who gets married tomorrow; and best wishes to my childhood best friend Ashton who got engaged this week! I love you all, and you love love, and that’s really nice. See, maybe we are winning the lottery after all. 

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Favorite Gift Wrapping Paper for Under $10

December 17, 2014

For me, one of the best parts of Christmas is wrapping presents for others. As my sister always says, it is the perfect way to put me in the holiday spirit. That and a big cup of egg nog, heavy on the nog. 

Half the reason why getting a gift from Tiffany’s is so special is because of the signature blue box — presentation is everything. So with this in mind, I’ve pulled together some of my favorite wrapping papers below all under $10. Choose two rolls that match so your presents coordinate under the tree. Heaven forbid if your presents clashed.

The horror. 


Christmas Wrapping Paper

from top left, clockwise:

brown and white pine needles / green pine cones / red tartan / white with gold trees /gold polka dot boxes / green mistletoe / red and gold pine cones

And for those of you who are particularly wrapping challenged, here’s a good video of how to wrap a gift. And here’s a good one for tying pretty bows. I like the lady’s accent. Order these papers today so you have plenty of time to wrap to your heart’s content and get into the Christmas spirit.

Happy wrapping!

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The Best and Cheapest Way to Hang Your Christmas Stockings

December 9, 2014
side stocking

Oh yes, SST got some work done. A little blog Botox  in the form of updated HTML is bringing Silver Spoon Taste into the 21st century. I hope you enjoy the new look — refined and classic, just like me. When I haven’t been drinking, that is. 

Pleaseeee do me the honor and leave me a comment with your thoughts of the new look. #newsst

Now, on to other discussions.

Sunday was the BEST day.

Wilson and I slept in late, ate takeout pancakes on the couch — highly recommend a 15-second reheat in the ‘wave for ultimate pancake perfection — and then watched football –re: Wilson watched and I checked Instagram to see Kim Kardashian at #artbasel – and I didn’t leave the apartment all day long. ‘Twas glorious.

We also finished decorating our apartment for Christmas. It’s nothing fancy certainly, but then again neither are we, so it works quite well. Adding some fresh greenery and lights to our little Savannah abode was like that jolly ol’ Santa elf decorated our apartment in spite of himself.


Wilson unpacked these lights and was delighted when he rediscovered his handiwork from last year.

“Anna! You see this?”


“These are pieces of our old hardwoods unfinished that I used last year to pack the lights!”


“You can’t buy common sense like that from the grocery store.”


I told him the other day that he hadn’t given me any good blog material lately and  he replied, “Yes I have. You just haven’t been listening.”

Bless him.


 The Christmas elf at work. I freaking despise putting lights on the tree, so good-natured Wilson took on the task while I watched and drank champagne put the ornaments on the tree. We’ve now taken to calling the tree Chunky, affectionately of course.


And now for the easiest, laziest way to hang your stockings. Yes, that is a wire hanger from the dry cleaners taped to our mantle. Straight munz, I know. You can’t buy common sense like that at the Christmas store now can ya?

Just use some simple Scotch tape to make sure the surface of your mantle isn’t messed up. Way better than hanging them on a nail. Or an overpriced stocking hanger that will go out of style in a hot minute. 

hanger up close

Haha. I don’t care who you are, that shit is funny. Plastic fork budget at its finest, just in time for this swanky new website reveal.


champs scene

My view from the seventh second glass of champs.


donut ornament

My favorite ornament. Good enough to eat.

champs side

wreathes again

Simple decorations can create a lot of impact and warm up a space so nicely. I love our little love nest all decorated for Christmas. Makes me want to pour another mimosa.


Merry Tuesday!

How to Speak Southern

Why Savannah is the Best

December 8, 2014

If this doesn’t make you laugh, then I really can’t do anything for you.

Craigslist ad


Courtesy of my friend Carrie. Job well done my friend. 

Happy Monday! I feel like that’s an oxymoron.

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10 Gifts for the Lady Under $100

December 5, 2014

Holla it’s Friday. Thank goodness. Wilson has been out of town for most of this week, which means I was by myself at our apartment, which means things got WEIRD.

I did all of the odd things I do when I’m alone and Wilson’s not around to judge my idiosyncrasies. The short list of strange shit I did is as follows:

  1. Wore my pair of cheetah print pajama pants that I stole from my sister about 12 years ago starting every day at approximately 6:30PM. I tucked them cheetah things into my favorite pair of fuzzy pink and white polka dot socks and practiced running and sliding across our hardwoods like I used to do when I was a kid.
  2. I belted out my favorite Christmas song at the top of my lungs, falsetto and all — “The Christmas Song” by Nat King Cole — while dragging some Christmas garland up the stairs and reaffirmed that I am indeed the worst singer on the planet. I then sang it again just to piss off my neighbors. 
  3. I freed my inner neat-freak/OCD tendencies and cleaned the strangest things, like wiping down the dust off of the top-most ledge of our bathroom mirrors and reorganized my bedside drawer, only to then mess up everything again just for the hell of it.
  4. I watched at least six hours of trash TV — Real Housewives, the Kardashians, etc. — while I ate my nightly dinner of red wine and puppy chow. Wilson’s mother makes this highly dangerous, highly addictive puppy chow that I have eaten at least four pounds of since last week. 

Suffice it to say it was a BIG week in the Jones household. It’s actually kind of frightening to think about what I would be like if I was left to my own devices all of the time. An image of a woman in a bathrobe with lots of cats and red wine stains on her teeth comes to mind. 

And if I were left to picking out presents for myself all of the ladies in the world, I’d start with the below selection of gifts. All under $100. Et voilà. 


10 Gifts Under $100 for Your Lady

cowl scarf / serving utensils / sean brock cookbook / tassel necklace / planner / gold cuff /

throws /nesting bowls / scents / erin gates book

These items are a range of prices — like the cuff for $23 and then the planner for almost $90 eek — so just pick your price range and then pick the gift that fits your budget. Just one gift will do — it’s about quality, not quantity.

Mmk I’m off to have a drink.

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The Best Fake Wreathes for $30

December 2, 2014

I know, I know. Fake = bad.

Being a fake friend is bad. Being a fake cook is bad. And, most certainly, being a fake plant is bad.

But, a sturdy fake wreath can be really good. Why? Because it can save you MONEY.

Last year I bought two fake boxwood wreathes from Target and hung them here in our dear old house. Aren’t they little cuties. 

Even though they were fabulous last year, I didn’t give them my SST stamp of approval until now. Why? Because I just pulled them out of the attic and they look brand spankin’ NEW, that’s why. Holla at ya wreath. 




 My biggest beef with fake plants is that their lifespan is just sad. A few weeks into its life a fake plant begins to look faded, collect dust bunnies, and droop a little.



But these wreathes are such showstoppers. I adore them. And the best part? They are only $30, and great quality. For ultimate safe-keeping, I kept both of the boxes that the wreathes came in and once Christmas was over (sad) I put them back in their boxes and then in a plastic garbage bag to make sure no dust bunnies took solace in their leaves. I know, I invented storing things in plastic garbage bags. 



Pretty good, eh?

Wilson’s and my Savannah love nest is getting in the Christmas spirit slowly but surely. We have the cutest squatty Christmas tree — aptly named Chunky Charlie — but we have not put lights on him yet. We hung our stockings — with great care, in hopes that Santa would bring cocktails to our lair — but have not yet adorned the mantle with some lush garland. More to come on this. 

Happy Tuesday!

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Less is More — Holiday Gift Guide for Your Man

November 25, 2014

Men are so bizarre.

They enjoy scratching their privates in public, burping and blowing it in others’ faces, and talking really loudly on work phone calls. Or is that just Wilson?

Although men are strange creatures, we womenfolk can learn a thing or two from them. Certainly no more than two things, though. 

Men are simple creatures who require very few things to make them happy. I know I’m making a gross generalization here, but for the most part, men know what they like and don’t require tons of stuff to be fulfilled. They do require ample amounts of babysitting love, though.

With this in mind, I pulled together some of the most coveted items that every man would love to receive this Kwanzaa/Hannukah/Christmas/whatever-you-celebrate season. And because men are so low-maintenance – stuff wise, that is – you only have to give them one thing for them to be happy. One nice present — because, after all, less is more.


Holiday Gift Guide for Your Man


 plaid shirt / bicycle / watch / cooler / shaving cream / bitters / bottle opener / dop kit

1. Mad about a man in plaid:  the new, hip, and, most importantly, Southern menswear on the fashion scene, Ledbury offers quality men’s fashions that are sure to please the man in your life. Dear Wilson, you would look #adorbs in this shirt.

2. Biking is for lovers: Wilson is obsessed with this bike. A few months ago I received an email from him to my work email and it was flagged URGENT. I clicked on it immediately because I thought that something was wrong, but in fact he had just discovered Priority Bicycles and decided that we needed them to complete our #SSTdoesSavannah story. He told me yesterday that he was going to get me the white one for Christmas, but decided against it because once he got me one, he’d have to get himself one, and that buying a present for me when it meant buying something for himself wasn’t exactly what the season of giving is all about. He doesn’t deserve half of the shit I give him.  

3. Better watch out, better not cry: this watch is so pretty, I think it would be great for men and women. One for you and one for me. 

4. I don’t think you’re ready for this Yeti: ah, these dang expensive Yeti coolers. I hate that they are a freaking fortune, but they really do keep things ice ice baby cold. This is Yeti’s newest cooler that is “lightweight” version that still offers the freezing cold conditions that the bigger, heavier coolers do. Bravo. 

5. This is really good shaving cream and I have nothing funny to say about it.

6. Bitter is better: you know how cocktails and mixology is all the rage with the kiddos these days? Bittermilk is right in with that trend. These expert mixers crafters create delicious tonics and bitters to add to your favorite alcoholic libation. They participated in an event at my real job recently and I’m afraid I may have scared them a little by how obsessed I was with their products. Much to Wilson’s chagrin, I will never know how to play it cool. 

7. Kill a deer, open a bottle: my bestie Emery sent me these neat antler bottle openers as a great stocking stuffer for Wilson, and I do believe it would also make a great stocking stuffer for any stylish man, not just my dear Wilson.

8. Don’t dop the ball: every man needs a good dop kit. This one is the bomb and available for 30% off right now with the promo code GETFESTIVE. Get festive indeed. 

So, get shopping – just make sure to use your best judgment and don’t overspend or buy impulsively.  Being ostentatious is so 1999. 

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Ways to Style White Pants in the Winter

November 20, 2014

In honor of J. Crew‘s 30% off winter sale — use code SHOPNOW — and as a toast to Wilson’s unadulterated adoration of white pants, I’d thought I’d do a two ways to style white pants in the winter.

Here’s an outfit that I really love — comfortable, cozy and chic. The three C’s of winter fashion. 


White Pants Outfit #1


crossbody bag / sweater / watch / gold cuff / earrings / booties / lipstick / nail polish / white pants

 Cute, right? And numero deux:


White Pants Outfit #2


necklace / turtleneck / envelope clutch / vest / large cuff / arrow cuff / earrings / booties

C’est parfait, no?

The best thing about the Wilson White Pants story is that everyone gives me the eyebrows when I wear white pants, especially when I’m wearing them around Wilson. If they know the story, they’ll give me a knowing look, raises their eyebrows suggestively, and say, “Oh, white PANTS!” as if they share in the secret of why Wilson’s and my relationship works. Free marriage advice: all wives should wear white pants. 

Men, you’re welcome.



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Investment Piece of the Month — Dior Glow

November 12, 2014

For me, cosmetics is all about the recommendation. Unless I have a personal recommendation from someone I trust about a specific product, then I won’t buy it. Makeup is freaking expensive and I’m not one to just “try” something for the hell of it. That’s like saying you’ll just “try” a $50 bottle of wine when there’s a large chance it could be a #fail. Pure idiocy. 

November’s Investment Piece of the Month is a line of products that were recommended to me by my mom and my friend Sara. They both introduced me to the wonder and magic that is Dior Glow. See below for your glow. 


Dior Glow Cosmetics

nail polish / lip balm

Both of these products are very pricey — the polish is $25 and the balm is $33, AH — but each are totally worth it. The nail polish is an easy-to-apply liquid that enhances the look of your natural nails, making your pinks pinker and your whites whiter. It’s perfect to put on your nails when you are in between manicures, as my Mom sagely recommends. My friend Sara is obsessed with this lip balm and practically made me get it, and boy am I glad she did. The balm also enhances the natural pink of your lips and goes on buttery-smooth. It also smells really, really good. So, if you are looking for two items to pump up your makeup lineup, I’d highly recommend these two. Perf. 

How is it only Wednesday? Why am I not on the beach with a mimosa in hand? Major life questions today… 

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Holiday Attire for Less — Or a Lot

November 6, 2014

Now that Halloween is offish over, it is time to start planning for the holidays. And by planning I mean financially planning. 

Dun dun dunnnn.

Between the Christmas parties, the myriad Christmas gifts and the now four birthdays that occur in my immediate family between November and Christmas (baby nieces are winter babies), this time of year things get a little tight. Tight like a tiger. 

I’ve already started buying my Christmas presents for my dear family members (more on that later) but I’m also planning on what, if any, holiday attire purchases I need to make. Wilson’s company Christmas party is coming up soon and I also have two December weddings. And for me personally, when I try to shop for a specific occasion in mind, I never find what I want and often settle for something that I’ll likely never wear again. Equaling a huge waste of money. 

So in an effort to stay ahead of any wardrobe meltdowns mishaps and money blunders, I’ve picked out these two pieces that would be perfect for a holiday occasion.


Holiday Attire -- Save and Splurge
dress / jumpsuit

The dress is very affordable at $79 and the silhouette would be flattering on both athletic and curvaceous shapes. It’s all about creating and accentuating a waist. The jumpsuit is absolutely fabulous with a less than fabulous price of $428. Ouch. So, it’s up to you and your wallet. Y’all talk it out and decide what you can afford. Remember, paying off your credit card at the end of each month is the new black. 

Tomorrow is Friday…