October 2014



The Best Scarf for $9

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Happy hump day people.

I’ve got a great deal for you today. This past weekend Wilson and I visited our best friends Austin and Maggie (also married) in Wilmington. Austin turned 30 on Sunday. Happy birthday you ol’ sonofgun! Age becomes you. 

Anywho, while Austin and Wilson celebrated Austin’s birthday on the golf course, Maggie and I celebrated my birthday at Forever 21. Happy birthday to me! Like a real idiot I fell for the impulse purchase display of scarves on the way to the checkout line, and, I must say, it was a happy birthday indeed.

Everyone needs this scarf. Period.

 The perfect scarf for $9


 best scarf eva

This thing is more like a blanket than a scarf, really. It’s so large and soft. There’s nothing worse than a small dinky scarf. I draped it over a white blazer on Monday and then used it as my wrap in the morning because it was a tad chilly. In Savannah a tad chilly means it dipped below 75 degrees. The horror. 

In other news, my mom and I are making our maiden voyage to get a sneak peek of the Vietri Fall Warehouse Sale tomorrow! Eek I can’t wait. Mother-daughter bonding time at its finest. I’ll be live social media-ing all of the amazing stuff they have in addition to my mom’s reaction to the amazing stuff. She’s going to freakkkk out. Homeslice loves herself a good deal. Remember, the sale starts Saturday, October 25th and runs to Monday, October 27th. Be there or be square. 

Ta ta for now.



October 2014



I want these shoes.

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Happy Friday! Woot thank goodness it’s Friday. This week has been high energy, high stress, but high fun, too. But now I need a drink. Mimosa please, sir. Actually just bring the bottle.

Y’all, I’m in love these shoes. And tomorrow is my birthday, and I’m afraid I may get a little brazen and order them. Wilson, be honest, how upset would you be if I did that?

These shoes are silver spoon taste and silver spoon budget. But it’s Friday and it’s almost my birthday and… I’ve worked really hard? What other excuse can I come up with?


Louffler Randall Shoes


Piperlime was having a fabulous sale earlier this week and I should have bought them then, but I didn’t want to spend that kind of money. I still don’t want to but I’m thinking about it… they would go so perfectly with the outfit I’m wearing today… Eek. Me likey. 

Hope y’all have a great weekend! Talk to you Monday. Maybe Tuesday, depends on how hungover I am Sunday… 



October 2014



It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year — Vietri Warehouse Sale!

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HOORAY! It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for — THE VIETRI WAREHOUSE SALE! Now that I fully understand the wonder and magic that is the Vietri Warehouse Sale since I had the good fortune of going earlier this year, — read here if you need a refresher on my initial trepidation — I cannot WAIT to get back.

In fact, I am driving all the way from Savannah to Hillsborough just for this sale because it’s that good. Excessive, I know. But necessary. 

For those of you who were in to your cups too much last time as my dear friend Al says — the Vietri Warehouse Sale is a fabulous collection of discontinued, slightly flawed, and unique sample products handmade in Italy and are up to 80% off retail price. The sale is from Saturday, October 25th to Monday, October 27th at the Vietri headquarters in Hillsborough, NC. New products will be refreshed daily so don’t worry about everything getting picked over after the first hour on Saturday. I hate when stuff is picked over. 

Below are some of the items that I’m crossing my fingers and toes will be available next Thursday when I make my pilgramage to Mecca the Vietri headquarters in pursuit of happiness awesome handmade Italian pottery. Which is essentially happiness. 


SST Vietri Favorites


 dish with handles / blue garden pot / aqua napkin / fish platter / silverware / gray urn / glass / sea urchin bowl / aqua vase


I love all of these pieces. They are all a bit pricey, but things that you will keep a lifetime. I treasure the pieces that I bought from the sale this past spring — they will be things I pass down to my children one day. One day far, far from now. 

And as if you needed another reason to go to this amazing sale, I’m giving away two free VIP tickets to the sale on Saturday. You get to go in at 7:30AM — don’t forget your coffee! — which is 30 minutes earlier than when the doors open to the public, allowing you to get first dibs on all this good stuff. To enter this fab giveaway, do one of the thingys below on the raffle thingy. Very technical around these parts. 


a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck! Event deets: Saturday, October 25 through Monday, October 27, 8AM to 4PM Address: 343 Elizabeth Brady Road, Hillsborough, NC 27278 This post was sponsored by Vietri. They are the bomb.



October 2014



The Best Floor Lamps for $60

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Happy Friday!

This is another early AM post… I’m sipping my coffee and doing some serious mental math about how long it will be until I will be sipping some red wine… T-minus… 12 hours and 15 minutes. About. Depends on traffic this afternoon. 

That was difficult.

Anyway, I’m pumped to share these awesome floor lamps that my interior design extraordinaire friend Addison found for me. And guess what? They are only $60. The only bad part… They are from IkeaIf you’ve been reading awhile you’ll know that my previous (and only) experience with Ikea was with our sexy sectional that was in our old house, and Wilson and I swore we’d never discuss that experience again because it was so traumatic.

But guess what? I didn’t have to go to Ikea to retrieve these puppies. Addison coordinated everything for me. Addison, you are a freaking saint and I love you. Can I Venmo you the #munz?

Check ‘em out with the couch of compromise below! They are like guards standing at attention, ready to smack me someone upside the head if I they spill red wine on the sofa.


front view

 Lamp light is the best light, besides early morning light.

lamp side view

 I love the pleated linen shade.

close up

 Up close and personal. Even though they were only $60, they are still good quality lamps.

lamps side view


another side view


couch and lamps



 And because this morning is just so gorgeous, I had to capture my view out our window. How quaint is our street?


 And because these roses are perhaps some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, I had to capture them, too.

lamps again

 If you are looking for some great floor lamps that are good quality, stylish, and, most importantly, affordable, these are the answer to your prayers. Just like Addison was the answer to my prayer to never have to go into Ikea ever again.

Mmk. I now have like… only 11 hours and 24 minutes until I can have wine. Oy. 



October 2014



Cowl Neck Sweaters for the Fall — Under $100

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I have on a sweater dress and suede boots this morning and, I have to say, I’m pumped about it. Not one to get super excited about the decorative gourd, all-pumpkin-everything season, I was surprised by how pleased I was being greeted by a crisp chill as I walked out of my apartment. I suppose when you become accustomed to a heat index of 110 degrees, a slight crisp is a welcome departure to your eyebrows sweating at 7AM. I much prefer spring and summer over fall and winter – primarily because I prefer my clothes in those seasons – but getting cozy in a sweater watching football on our Couch of Compromise sounds quite nice.

Enter: the cowl neck sweater.

Cowl neck sweaters are one of those bomb pieces that look good on pretty much everyone. The drape of the cowl neck is super flattering on all shapes and sizes and is also very comfortable, too. There’s nothing worse than a tight turtleneck. It’s like wearing a neck brace. 

Below are some very cute cowl neck sweaters all under $100. I’d suggest that if you don’t have at least one cowl neck sweater in your closet that you love, check out these and invest in one for the fall and winter. You will thank me when you are simultaneously warm and chic on those cold autumn nights.


Cowl Neck Sweaters for Fall

light beige sweater / furry cowl neck / striped sweater / maple leaf sweater / long beige sweater / navy sweater / sleeveless sweater / thick knit sweater


Don’t these look so cozy and make you want to curl up with a good book and a bottle glass of wine? Ok so maybe I am into fall. But only when it involves copious amounts of red wine. Is that bad?



October 2014



The Couch to End All Couches — No For Real.

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The time has finally come to debut the Couch of Compromise. Drum roll please…. 


She’s a real beauty.

sofa 5

 The couch is this one from Lee Industries in Jefferson Cream. My beautiful chairs are also Lee as well. Lee Industries makes great products and, while they are pricey, they are worth the investment.


 See how fluffy and full the cushions are? I decided to splurge on the upgraded filling for the cushions and it was a great decision. The sofa is so comfortable and plush without sucking you in. How awkward is it when you are at a party and you get stuck in the couch? 

edge of sofa and tulips

 Wilson bought and arranged these tulips. Good husband. 

sofa 4


chairs table again

The view from the other side of the room. Why is it pitch-black dark outside, you ask? Because I’m writing this at 6:12AM. It’s early. 

fabric up close

 The beauty shot of the fabric. It’s a little lighter and more oatmeal than in the photo, but at 6 AM in the morning, you take what light you can get. It’s a beautiful thick weave that will – hopefully – stand the test of time. And withstand the husband, who is like a bull in a china shop. 

chairs and table



 The other corner of the room. Remember those pillows that used to be on the disgusting outdated leather couch we had? They now are perfect floor pillows.



side view

 So, what do you think? Leave me a comment so we can chat about this couch situation. I’m really in to it. 

Happy Thursday!



September 2014



Great Sale Alert! Shopbop $100 or Less

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Hiya! How was your weekend? I have almost recovered from mine. Almost. 

I had a different post planned for today, but was happy to be interrupted by Shopbop‘s major sale going on right now. Below are some great options to add to your closet for this transition time and fall, too. But remember — don’t go overboard. Only buy what you need, only spend what you have, and never forget to abide by happy hour. Rules to live by. 


Shopbop Sale Selections
We will resume our regularly scheduled programming again tomorrow. Toodles.



September 2014



Three Reasons Why You Need to Print Out Your Cell Phone Pictures

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I am writing this 30,000 feet above all of you right now, currently en route via l’aeroplane to the one and only (thank God) Las Vegas. I am sitting among some of America’s most interesting creatures. There are four ladies aboard that are knitting, one of whom described her knitting technique as “the only way to make a fashionable hat”; approximately 60 people aboard are over the age of 70, many of whom are drinking bloody mary mix with no alcohol? I wouldn’t be surprised if this crowd is the type that will applaud when we land.

In keeping with the eccentricity of this clan, I am comfortably reclined in my window seat with one of those terribly obnoxious fuzzy neck pillows curled around my neck. The last time I used this thing was when I bought it on the flight home from Vegas on my bachelorette party. It actually is quite comfy. 

To bide my time — and forget my surroundings — I have scrolled and scrolled through my thousands (yes, thousands) of pictures saved on my iPhone.

Despite the fact that Wilson and I have a nice camera to take pictures with, we almost always resort to snapping photos on our phones. And I know we are not alone. Those darn little cell phones are so quick, easy and convenient that carrying around a bulky camera seems, well, bulky, especially when you have the option of just taking pictures on your cell phone.

This is all fine and well except for the fact that I have never, not once, printed out the pictures saved on my iPhone.

I have all of these fabulous memories captured on this little sliver of metal, but I have never taken the time to have them printed into photos. Photos from my niece’s first birthday, from our honeymoon, from our ski trip, from the first time Wilson bought our house in Charlotte… all of these precious moments live in my stupid cell phone, which could at any moment die on me and I’d lose these snapshots of life as we know it and would then cry the deep, ugly cry. Drama. 

We are currently experiencing a bit of turbulence and the woman next to me is trying to start conversation with me again about what I am writing. LADY NEXT TO ME, IF YOU ARE READING THIS OVER MY SHOULDER AND I HOPE YOU ARE, BACK. OFF. 

Here’s three reasons of avoiding the ugly cry by printing out those pictures from your cell phone. I’ve also included some photos of my favorite phone-captured memories because I need a serious distraction from this flight/what’s going on around me.


wilson making me dinner

 That time when Wilson made me dinner. Notice the candles!

1. When people visit your home, they look for pictures of themselves.

This is so freakin’ true. Whenever anyone comes to visit me, the first thing they do as they look around our apartment is look at the photos, and if they are a good friend/family member of Wilson’s or mine, and are likely to be in a picture with us, they look for themselves. They want to check out to see a) if they made a photo, which will determine their place in our friend/family hierarchy and b) how they look in the photo.  Bad hair day? Something in my teeth? Let me get a closer look by picking up the picture frame and pretending to look at the other people in the photo. People like to look at pictures of themselves — present company included — and it’s important to make everyone feel included in your life, and in your photos. But how can you have the latest and greatest photos of all your favorite people if they are on your phone? You can’t. 



 That time we had the best time during our first dance as husband and wife. 

2. Photos are the best way to decorate — within reason, of course.

I love a good framed photo as a way to decorate/style/add color to my house. Apartment, condo, love nest, whatever. A big family photo (see #1 above) is the perfect way to add some interest to a bookshelf, your bedside table, that awkward side table in the hall, etc. etc. I love putting pictures of my family in prominent places around the house so they are smiling at me whenever I pass by — I miss them tonz and the photos not only add a stylish element, but give me the chance to say hello to my mom every morning despite the fact that she’s in a frame on my bedside table. BUT — disclaimer — do not go overboard with photos.



 That time at the beach when the sunset looked like this. 

3. You would cry the deep, ugly cry if you lost your photos.

Guess what — stuff happens. And despite our best efforts to back up our photos on iCloud or Sky or whatever it’s called, technology can still fail us. Printing out photos from your cell phone guarantees that you will still have your precious memories even if your phone implodes. Just don’t lose the photos. Perhaps a photo CD is a good idea too. 

Airplane note: OMG someone’s foot just touched mine from the row behind me!!!! Feet are so gross. 



That time we got engaged and then took a selfie.


So, who’s with me? Let’s all get our USB cords, hook up our cell phones to our computers, and print these dang pictures out with companies like Shutterfly, before we lose our phones. Because that is a legitimate possibility for me this weekend in Vegas. 

Oh good, the lady next to me just opened her takeout box of what looks like a moldy Philly cheese steak and what smells like a cat that died three days ago. She just announced to no one in particular that “It’s lunch time somewhere!” Lady, it actually is lunch time, but you’ve ruined that for me now haven’t you?!



**I was not compensated or given free product for any my thoughts in this post.



September 2014



Need a New Cocktail Dress? I Got You.

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So last weekend ol’ Wilson and I went to a fancy black tie party, and as always, despite the myriad cocktail dresses I already own, nothing was working. Oh the horror, I know. In my defense, most of the cocktail dresses I own are a bit summer-y as I bought them for wedding festivities once upon a time, but certainly I could have found something to work, I just didn’t want to. I wanted something new and shiny.

Except I didn’t want to spend any money. This is a problem I often wrestle with — defining the border between needing something (like toilet paper) and wanting something (like said cocktail dress) is often the difference between enormous amounts of credit card debt and the ability to pay for your kids’ college tuition. This fine line is exactly what Silver Spoon Taste is all about really. Having said that, there are always exceptions to the rule — like the times when you just need to treat yourself. Within reason, of course. 

I knew I would see a lot of people I went to college with that I had not seen in awhile, and since no one wants to be the subject of the she’s-let-herself-go-since-college ridicule, I did my best to look… my best. And I think I succeeded with the help from the perfect little black dress below — from ASOS for $114.


The Ultimate Little Black Dress

 asos black dress

There’s nothing quite as sexy yet demure as a form-fitting, below-the-knee black dress. I know that once my mother reads that line she will say, But Anna you told me I couldn’t wear any dresses below the knee!  Mom — I still stick by that, but that’s because you are too short to wear something below the knee. I’m sorry and I love you. 

Anywho this dress was a real winner, and I especially loved the “gold” belt that cinched everything in at the waist — and by everything I mean the 10,000 passed hors d’oeuvres I scarfed down when we got there — who can refuse beautiful finger food!?  Someone actually asked me if the belt was by a designer. I was happy to let her know that no, it was just cheap shit from ASOSOh yea.

As for the fit, I went up a size to accommodate my lower half — cue “I’m All About That Bass” — but it could have used a little nip in at the waist because of the larger size. If you do order it, I’d recommend ordering it with plenty of time to alter if needed.

Happy Wednesday peeps — here’s hoping happy hour comes soon! And by soon I mean now. 



September 2014



A White Pants Story

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Now that it is after Labor Day and the end of summer – and happiness as we know it – it is traditionally the end of something that I thoroughly enjoy — the end of wearing white pants. As much as I love white pants, I think it is safe to say that Wilson may love them even more. On me, not him. He refers to the time between Easter and Labor Day as White Pants Season, and looks forward to this time of year more than Christmas.

For example.

Let’s rewind almost two years. It was my 25th birthday and Wilson and I were hosting my parents, sister, brother-in-law, and my niece, EG for a little birthday cookout at our house. This was pre-niece #2. The Tar Heels were playing Duke in football and losing. Womp. As a obnoxious diehard Heels fan, Wilson was not taking this loss lightly. And, to make matters worse, my brother-in-law is a Duke fan, for reasons we don’t quite understand because he is really a lovely person and not a devil at all. Between the dwindling Heels score, the copious amounts of bourbon drinking, and my brother-in-law cheering for Duke, Wilson was having a really bad time.


white pants

Fuzzy cell phone picture, but this is my bestie Ashton and me with our respective men this past weekend. And, I’m wearing white pants.


So he kicked the bourbon drinking into high gear. He was practically bathing in it. 

By the time dinner rolled around, Wilson was rosy-cheeked and talking at three decibels above everyone else. Not minding his drunkeness jolliness as it was my birthday, I simply toasted him with my red wine and ate my dinner. I’m not one to judge. After dinner we had birthday pie – I’m a pie person – and then I opened my presents.

I unwrapped my gift from my parents, which was a pair of  winter white corduroys. Before I could get out the customary Thank you! I love them! Wilson beat me to the punch.

“WHITE PANTS!” he screamed, his eyes opening wide and his cheeks flushed an uncanny hue of purple. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!”


There are very few moments when I have been the gut-wrenching, cheek-burning, wanting-to-seep-through-the-cracks-in-the-floor kind of embarrassed, but this was undoubtedly one of those times. My brother-in-law and sister burst into deep belly laughs and my parents chuckled and looked at Wilson in surprise. They’d never seen him quite so candid about my looks, thankfully. 

“Look at Annie’s cheeks!” my brother-in-law laughed, and I knew the color of my cheeks were probably a deeper purple than Wilson’s.

I tried to join in the laughter but what I really wanted to do was pinch Wilson’s arm – he hates that – and tell him to have some freaking discretion. Goodness. Ever the Wilson-fan, my dad nudged me in the arm and said, “Stop being such a prude.”

My brother-in-law still claims he’s never laughed so hard in his life.

Having explained Wilson’s love for white pants, this is partially the reason why I am no longer abiding by the no-white-pants-after-Labor-Day rule. If it makes Wilson this happy – and they really do, lawd – then it’s worth breaking an, in my mind, archaic fashion faux-pas. The other reason why I’m wearing white pants year-round now is because they will look so good with so many fall/winter things — think how cute they’ll be tucked into boots, paired with a light gray sweater, matched with a black turtleneck? The options are endless.

And they make Wilson really, really, happy. Oy.

So, who’s with me?